Looking for an Ai writing assistant, In this post we are going to do a detailed Creaitor a.i review and also talk about it’s features, using benefits and lifetime deal pricing.

After using more than 21+ a.i writing assiatants, I can say one thing common in them words credit limit on content generation. Due to that most times even irrelevent content burn words credit.

And that’s what make Creaitor ai best in the industry because it’s offer unlimited words generation with good quality output, Yes no limit.

Along with content generation, Creaitor ai also offer SEO features, SERP & Competitor Analysis.

Creaitor Ai review by Saas Guru

  • Ease of Use
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Price


Creaitor ai writing assistant offer unlimited words generation with good quality content output. Users can even use this tool to analyze competior’s keywords and create content.

What is Creaitor ai?

Writing by yourself is time consuming and frustrating. Finding someone to write your article or post for you can cost money. However, there is an alternative solution – creating human like content using ai writer!

Then let me introduce, Creaitor.ai – A.i content writer

Creaitor Ai Review (2024) - Best Quality Ai Writer with Unlimited Words

Creaitor is an Artificial intelligence writing tool which lets you create SEO optimized blog posts, Emails, Product description, Ads copy and much more content types within few minutes. It has more 50+ ai assitants avaliable for creating different content types.

With Creaitor ai writer, you can create a quality blog post content in minutes. Isn’t this feel exiciting creating posts in minutes.

How does Creaitor.ai works?

Creator AI helps you create content by giving you a choice of writing assistants designed to help you write.

There are 50+ different content type ai assistants available to choose from, You pick the one that best fits what you are trying to achieve.

Creaitor Ai Review (2024) - Best Quality Ai Writer with Unlimited Words

For example, you want tio create blog post then just select ‘Blog Body’ ai assistant. Then it asks you enter a short information about the topic of what you want to create.

After that Creator AI will generate a content for you.

Highlights (TL;DR):

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Write copies for emails, blog, website content, email, sales, social media, and ad copies in just minutes with a few clicks.

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Alternative to: Rytr, Jasper.ai

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50+ ai assistants available for generating various content types

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Best for: Content Writers, Bloggers, Freelancers, SEO experts, and Copywriters.

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Creaitor ai Features: Overview

Custom Ai Assistants

As i said above, creaitor ai has 50+ (increasing every month) ai writer available for creating different type of content, these ai assistants is specially trained for generating high quality content piece.

  • Digital Ads – Generate Google & Facebook Ads Healines and description
  • Blog – For generating blog Titles, Outlines, Sections (long-form content pieces)
  • Ecommerce – Generate product description
  • Social Media – Write Facebook caption, Linkedin post, Pinterest description, and much more
  • Video – In this category, you find some more good assistant for generationg youtube video title, Viodeo description, Webinar sciript and sales copy.


Creaitor ai ‘Editior’ section lets you generate all types of content in single editing panel like Google doc or wordpress post.

But the specility of the Creaitor ai editor section, which makes it different compared to other ai writers id that you can after your generated any specific content suppose Blog outline.

Then you can select different assistant such as Blog Intro, then within the same editor panel or after the Outline content, Blog intro content will be generated.

That way you can generated content as much as like without any boundaries.

Adding Multiple Members

Creaitor AI platform lets users collaborate on creating content. You get assign log details and give different permissions to different people. This means that you can add your team members and clients on the same project without any worries.

Multi Language Translation 

This feature along justify the pricing of this tool beacuse with creaitor.ai users can also translate their or others content into different laguages.

Currently it has only 15-20 languages supported for tanslation including English, Spanish, French, Japense, Bulgarian, Estonian, Finnish, Danish, German, Greek, Dutch and more.

But in future we can see more languages support.

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Is It Worth Using Creaitor Ai

After personaly using and reviewing the quality of generated content sevral times, I can say Creaito ai writer is really good and it’s generated content output is also excellent.

And the best part, it only take few seconds (around 15-30 seconds) to generate the output. Plus, we can customize the output numbers and quality of content from setting available at the leftside bottom of Editor section.

But the one thing that I found missing in this tool that there is no inbuilt Plagiarism checker to the originalty of generated content.

Although I check the quality using third party plagirm checking and generated content totally original, but if there a inbuilt feature there. It will be more awesome.

And don’t forget, there’s also a Translation feature which translate content into 20 different laungaues. You can traslate upto 10,000 words content in single click within few seconds.

This features alone makes Creaitor ai writing assistant worthy.

But if you still confuse about it, try it’s 3 days trial. This will give you better understanding. And after that you can buy Creaitor ai lifetime deal.

Creaitor Ai Pricing & Lifetime Deal

Creaitor ai Lifetime Deal back again on appsumo and starts from $89/one-time payment for unlimited words generation. Plus there’s also other lifetime plans with more features and access.

Single Plan – $89

Users can all features with unlimite content genration ands 5 members limit.

Double Plan – $178

This plan gives SEO capabilities feature access.

Multiple Plan – $267

Along with all in features in first two plans, this plan also give access for SERP & Cokmpetitor analysis.

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Creatior Ai Lifetime Deal: Includes

  • Lifetime access to Creaitor ai writer
  • All future updates
  • Unlimited characters per month
  • Up to 5 active users
  • 50+ AI assistants
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited output storage
  • Unlimited translations
  • Open AI form
  • Translation form
  • Multilingual

The best thing that makes Creaitor.ai Best Ai Writer compared to Jasper, Rytr or any other ai writing tool is that there is no word count or content generation limit, Yes in the lifetime deal user get Unlimited words limit.

Means you can generate as much content as you want.

And there is also 60-day money-back guarantee for every plan, which means if somehow you are not happy with Writergenie (which is not going to happen), you can return it under 60 days of purchase and full money will be back without asking any question.

So why are you hesitating!

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Needs Attention: Most deals are out of stock within a week of coming to a lifetime deal offer. So take it now if you need it or don’t want to miss it.

Pros and Cons


  • Creaitor’s UI & UX are super clean and easy to use
  • It generated content quality is good and satisfying
  • There are 50+ content modules available to generate different content types
  • The more you use it’s A.i the better it gets
  • Plus there’s also Translation feature availble which translate content in 20 languages


  • There is no in built Plagiarism checker

Creatior Ai : Video review (Watch me Writing)

Here’s my detailed review video of bramework platform with live demo and tutorial, make to subscribe our channel for stay updated to new saas tools updates & alerts.

Final Concusion – Creaitor ai Review

Creaitor ai is really one of the best ai content writing tools, that generate highly relevant content.

Plus their also SEO, SERP analysis inbuilt features, which analyze top 10 competitors and fectch the keywords to generate content based on that.

And most importantly users can generate unlimited content with just pay one-time for lifetime plan. That’s make it uncomparable with any other ai writers.

I strongly suggest you must atleast try creaitor ai for once.

So that the my honest creaitor ai review, if you have any queries or questions ask me in comments. And if you are already using this too.

Let me know your thoughts.

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