if you are searching for best SEO lifetime deals then good news we have researched and curated the hand picked list of Best lifetime SEO tools which you can use for SEO strategy, keyword research, search engine optimization, rank tracking, website audit and much more.

And the because these are lifetime deals you only need to pay for one time.

Last Updated on 1 February 2024.

Here’s the list of,

Best Lifetime SEO Deals of June 2024 – Quick View

If you are tired of expensive Search engine optimization tools then these lifetime SEO sites can help you improve your website’s ranking and drive more traffic without needed to pay every month.

  1. Labrika: All in 1 SEO toolkit for fixing and improving website SEO
  2. Siteguru: Analyze website and help in improving SEO errors
  3. Neuronwriter: Best Tool for Writing Content and SEO Optimisation 
  4. Screpy: Best Tool for SEO Analysis and Content Optimisation
  5. SpiderNow: Best SEO Tool for Improving SEO, Speed and performance
  6. AltText.ai: Best Tool for Generating Alt Text for Thousand of Images
  7. BerqWP: Improve website speed and core vital score above 90+
  8. WP 301 Redirects: Automatically find broken links and redirect them
  9. KeywordSpy: Best Keyword Research Tool
  10. Website Speedy: Increase website speed and performance
  11. Taja: Youtube Video SEO tool to Rank higher your videos
  12. Katteb Ai: Ai SEO content writer with real time facts checked
  13. Internal Linking Related Contents: Automatically interlink relevant blog posts
  14. Content Ai: Best tool for generating SEO optimized content with ai
  15. YtubeBooster: Youtube SEO optimization tool for videos
  16. EWWW Image Optimizer: Optimize images size, SEO and alt text to rank better on google

Best SEO Lifetime Deals 2024 – Detailed Overview

Labrika – All in 1 SEO toolkit for fixing and improving website SEO

An SEO tool Labrika

Labrika is an AI-powered all-in-one SEO platform with 200+ critical search engine rankings factors built directly into the algorithm to skyrocket your search rankings.

Labrika’s SEO auditor will help you identify and fix any SEO issues before they become problems. You’ll be able to see exactly what needs to be done to improve your site’s SEO performance.


  • Duplicate and similar page checker
  • Keyword stuffing checker
  • FREE plagiarism, adult content, and swear word checker
  • Interactive AI-based content writing optimizer
  • SEO content recommendations based on LSI, TF-IDF, keyword placement, keyword density, etc.
  • Technical SEO Audit & Website auditor with over 180+ ranking factors
  • Check keyword search rankings automatically and/or manually
  • Automatic clustering and synchronization of keywords and their relevant landing pages
  • Monitor user behaviour metrics (you can sync your Google Analytics)
  • 100+ printable white-label reports
  • SEO Cloaking Checker (hidden malware links)
  • Check competitor’s social links, snippets and page features
  • HTML history of each of your chosen landing pages
  • Check website visibility and indexability in different countries

Screpy: Best Tool for SEO Analysis and Content Optimisation

Screpy Review & Lifetime Deal

Screpy is an a.i SEO analysis tool, designed to help website owner drive organic traffic to their site by optimizing their content.

Once you add keywords into the search box, Screpy begins scanning for relevant results using artificial intelligence based on those keywords. You can then choose to rank any of these results higher than others, making them easier for visitors to discover.

It’s an excellent option for website optimization. You’ll get everything you need to improve your site performance including PageSpeed ​​Monitoring, Uptime Monitoring, SEO Performance monitor, Keyword Tracker, Syntax Checker and more!


  • Google Keyword Rank Checker (SERP)
  • SEO Audit & Reports
  • Easy to understand SEO optimization tasks
  • PageSpeed analysis
  • W3C Validator
  • Website uptime monitoring
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile analysis
  • On-demand analysis

NeuronWriter: Best Tool for Writing Content and SEO Optimisation 

NeuronWriter best SEO tools with lifetime deals

Neuron Writer is an AI SEO writing tool that utilizes advanced technology to help you uncover industry-specific articles and provide practical suggestions to improve your writing and enhance your content quality.

With its intuitive interface and comprehensive range of features, Neuron Writer proves to be an invaluable companion for creators.

Features Offering keyword research capabilities, optimization tools, and plagiarism checking functionality, Neuron Writer empowers users to create high-quality and SEO-optimized article.

Its AI capabilities set it apart from Surfer, providing users with a powerful app for engaging and optimized content creation.

By analyzing the data from SERP competitors top-performing posts, this tool recommended topics, relevant Google keywords, and NLP terms to enhance the search engine visibility and reach of my article.

Siteguru: Analyze website and help in improving SEO errors

Siteguru review & lifetime deal

Siteguru is also Ai powered website analysis tool which scan & audit websites and show where exactly need to improve SEO strategy to boost rankings. It’s a good alternative to Ahrefs & Semrush audit tool.

After it’s crawler audit website it provide action taking to do list to with suggestions to remove all SEO errors.

Plus it connect with Google Analytics and Search Console to give better accurate real-time data insights on keywords rankings and website traffic.


  • Site Structure
  • Keyword Rank (SERP) Checker
  • SEO Audit & Reports
  • Actionable SEO optimization to do tasks
  • Link Tree
  • PageSpeed analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • Email Alerts

SpiderNow: Best SEO Tool for Improving SEO, Speed and performance

The spidernow dashboard, a powerful tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With SpiderNow, you can easily find out the issues why these pages are running slow and fix them quickly for an improved user experience and better ranking.

It does so by optimizing images and texts, minifying CSS, find out broken links or images and correcting the URL as per the naming conventions.

You can also fix the title, headings, and keywords of your page using the SEO features of this tool!

AltText.ai: Best Tool for Generating Alt Text for Thousand of Images

alttext ai - best SEO tools with lifetime deals

While writing the blog posts, we add images and we need to add alt text in them so that google can identify them and show in results. It’s a image SEO process.

But most of the time we forgot to add alt texts or just add duplicate texts. This only harm the page indexing as most the images don’t have alt text or the sam.

That’s why AltText ai is a game changer. It’s Ai automatically analyze the post images and add relevant SEO optimized alt text.

You can also analyze the old posts and quickly find out which images don’t have alt text or duplicate alt used.

BerqWP: Improve website speed and core vital score above 90+

Barwip - a powerful SEO Tool for WordPress, offering expert Search Engine Optimization capabilities. Don't miss out on our irresistible Lifetime Deals!

If you also facing low page loading speed and getting bad core vital score then BerqWP cache plugin is the best solution for you.

BerqWP is the best alternative to WP rocket and Nitropack and best part you don’t need to anything manually. Just add and active the plugin and it will do the magic.

This is the best wordpress cache plugin with lifetime deal. Unlike wp rocket or others you don’t need to pay yearly subscription. Just pay 1 time and get lifetime access.


  • Improve speed and Pass Core Web Vitals
  • 90+ PageSpeed score
  • Unlimited pages
  • Caching
  • Image optimization
  • Critical CSS
  • JavaScript optimization
  • Fonts optimization
  • Lazy loading

WP 301 Redirects: Automatically find broken links and redirect them

WP 301 Redirects: Automatically find broken links and redirect them

Broken links are worst seo issue that anyone can face it’s not only bad for user experience but also impact SEO and down ranking from search engines.

So here’s a Lifetime SEO tool – WP 301 Redirect.

With Wp 301 redirect you can analyze your website and easily find all broken links and the best part it will automatically redirect those broken links to similar posts. You don’t need to do anything manually.

There’s another great feature integrated with Google Safe Browsing and Alexa rank api that will analyze external links from your content and let you know whether that linked site has low reputation or malware.

Keyword Discovery: Best Keyword Research Tool

Lifetime deals for a powerful Keyword Discovery WordPress plugin. Boost your search engine optimization efforts with this essential SEO tool.

If you are searching for lifetime keyword research tool with good features for keyword finding then Keyword discovery might be the perfect fit for you.

It lets you do,

  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • Find competitors keywords
  • Find High ROI yet affordable PPC ads keywords
  • Monitor and recover from Google algo updates
  • Ai SEO content writer

There are so many good features in single tool. I highly suggest you should not miss this keyword tool for SEO.

Website Speedy: Increase website speed and performance

best SEO tools with lifetime deals

Website loading speed is a crucial factor for user engagement and we know google loves user engagement than anything else.

So one thing is clear if you want better rankings then you need website with fast loading speed. But the problem is, we cannot do it manually and tools for that such as WP rocket or any other cache plugin.

One of such alternative with LTD is Website Speedy. Just add this in your website via single line of script code. And it will handle everything automatically.

Resulting you website loading speed improve in few minutes. That’s how powerful this tool.

Taja: Youtube Video SEO tool to Rank higher your videos

Grow your website's visibility and online presence with taja's powerful SEO tool.

Taja is a Youtube videos optimization tool to rank them higher and gain more views.

You just need to add video url. It will automatically analyze the video, transcribe content and generate engaging Title, SEO Optimized Description for youtube. Including chapter timestamps.

It will show you various titles you can choose from with a score of 100 (higher is better).

What I liked most it also generate hashtags and attracting thumbnails with help of AI.

A screen shot of the Xbox Live store showcasing lifetime deals.

After testing and experiencing Taja, what I suggest you should not miss this one. If you want to grow youtube channel effortlessly.

Katteb Ai: Ai SEO content writer with real time facts checked

Kateb - a website with the word kateb on it, offering a powerful SEO Tool for Lifetime Deals.

If you are looking for an Ai content writer which can generate content but fully SEO optimized for ranking with latest information. Then Katteb is the one I want to suggest.

It got more than 660+ reviews on appsumo and coming with really affordable price tag just $39/one-time payment.

There are 3 majopr features,

  1. Ai writer – Including 30+ ai content templates you can generate any kind of content even long for article Search engine Optimized.
  2. Chatbot – It’s a feature like ChatGPT, where you can chat with ai and command for content.
  3. Ai image Generator – With this section you can generate image with Ai.

Internal Linking Related Contents: Automatically interlink relevant blog posts

internal linking related content, best lifetime seo tools

Did you know, inter linking also an important factor for boost rankings and indexing on google. But most bloggers avoid that.

Reason, they don’t know what are right text and links they can inter link. But don’t worry this internal linking tool will help you.

Internal linking related content analyze the article and auto insert links from your website’s content with relevant texts. You don’t need to do anything just add the plugin in wordpress, that’s all. (Yes, its only work with wordpress)

There you multiple interlink templates and settings you can choose from. And guess what you can use this plugin on unlimited websites.

Content Ai: Best tool for generating SEO optimized content with ai

A screenshot of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tool website showcasing Lifetime Deals.

WIth more than 230+ high ratings, Gozen content is one of best Ai tools you can use for keyword research as well as generate SEO optimized articles. And there’s also 100+ content templates and an image generator.

The best part I liked there is no limit on words or content generation.

Content Ai is built by the famous company who developed Optinly, Gozen Engage and many more.

YtubeBooster: Youtube SEO optimization tool for videos

Ytubebooster - best lifetime SEO Tool for youtube

We have also added youtube SEO tools in the list and one of them is Ytubebooster. It will help you to boost videos SEO so they can rank higher and get more views.

It suggests keywords, tags and even help you analyze competitors videos. With the help of Ai it also generate description and titles.

And because Ytubebooster using youtube SDK so the data it’s showing is pretty trustable as coming from directly youtube.

This is really a good VidIQ alternative.

EWWW Image Optimizer: Optimize images SEO and rank better on google

Ewww image optimizer - best lifetime seo tools

Images also an important factor for your website but if they are not optimized in size and SEO. Then believe me they are ones which will effect ranking.

For example if a image size is 1mb then it load take time to load. User will not wait till and leave your site befores its open. This will give google a sign for bad pagespeed.

That’s where Ewww image optimizer comes in, it will optimize your same 1mb size image into 100kb without decreasing image quality. And also add ALT text for SEO

And because it uses CDN, your website image is going to load blazing fast no matter the visitor is accessing site from any corner of globe.

What is search engine optimization?

SEO simply means search engine optimization, in which website owners perform tasks to optimize the blog post in such way that it fulfil searcher’s intent/query and also can be easily ranked high on search engines like google, bing or yahoo because we made it search engine friendly.

Remember, Search engine optimization takes time, various tasks and depend on many factors along with good content such as,

  • On page & Off Page SEO,
  • Website’s performance & loading speed
  • Visitor’s session
  • Topic Authority
  • Backlinks

Why is SEO important?

Doing all the optimization manually is tedious task and worst part you need SEO data on based you can do that. That’s where SEO ranking tools come to handy.

They help you to understand all seo error in your site. Let site owners know which queries people searching for in your industry and suggest how you can write quality content to help people with information.

Understanding Search engine optimization can enhances user experience, keyword rankings builds credibility, google page rank and drives organic traffic with higher conversion rates.

What are the different types of SEO?

Different types of SEO include on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. Plus, there are local and organic SEO that focus on specific search results. Voice, mobile, and video SEO cater to different search mediums.

How does SEO work?

Search engine optimization works by conducting keyword research to identify target audience relevant search terms, optimizing website content with those keywords, content analysis and building high-quality backlinks.

It also involves fixing technical issues on the website to improve its performance and aligning the content with search engine algorithms for better visibility and ranking higher.

Which tools are best for lifetime SEO?

Youtube video, credits – saasguru

There are so many good SEO tools with Lifetime deals which can greatly enhance your optimization efforts. Some of them mentioned below,

Best SEO Lifetime Deals for Site Audit

  • Siteguru (SEO & Analytics)
  • SEOcrawl
  • Screpy
  • Labrika

These tools will help you find all seo errors from analyzing your web pages and give actionable steps to remove them so your website improve ranking on search engine index.

Best Lifetime SEO Tools for Keyword Research

  • Rankatom
  • KeywordSpy
  • Wope
  • Keyword Pro

Like the name suggesting, these will help you finding best keywords for your content.

Best SEO Tool Lifetime Deals for Content Optimization

  • Neuronwriter (also offer chrome extension)
  • Gozen Content Ai (Plagiarism free ai writer)
  • SquirrlySEO Plugin

These content optimization tools help you write Search engine optimized ready to rank content easily. All these tools available with LTD special offer on appsumo.

There are still many tools with the help of you can do competitive analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, meta description creation, page speed analysis, and link building.

How to choose the best lifetime SEO Tools?

While choosing a good lifetime seo tool, we suggest always start from knowing company and what users are saying about it. Then look for advanced features, user-friendly interfaces, and the availability of free versions so you can get a demo whether the platform good for or not.

You should also check refund policy as most of them always offer so that if that tool not suitable. You can get back your refund and look for another suitable one.

What are lifetime SEO tools?

SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz check are some of the most popular SEO suites but charge monthly or yearly subscriptions for their features but there re also tool with similar features you have to pay just once and you can use forever.

That what is a lifetime deal.

Rankatom (keyword research tool), Siteguru (website audit), Ewww image optimizer (website’s performance) there are some tools which also offer lifetime deal for their features.

How lifetime SEO tools work

These Lifetime tools will let you use their features forever with just 1 time payment. In that LTD they provide credits which renew every month.

What are the best SEO tool lifetime deals currently available?

There are several SEO tool lifetime deals currently available, Our Recommended SEO tools for lifetime usage include Rankatom, Squirrly SEO, Neuron Writer, Siteguru. These tools offer a wide range of features and functionalities that can greatly enhance your search engine optimization efforts in the long term.

How lifetime SEO tools can help you rank higher in the search engines

SEO optimization is a long term game, and demand patience. So until results didn’t get start coming normally you have to pay the monthly or yearly subscription charges for using tool.

Because there are so many steps involved such ad keyword research, competitor analysis, and content creation to identifying related terms, keyword trends, and traffic-driven keywords, sometime you have to buy more tools.

But if you have seo tool lifetime deal you can save a lot and no matter how much time it will take, you don’t have to pay every month.

This is the thing what makes lifetime deals best.

Benefits of using lifetime SEO tools

  • Save a lot money, don’t need to pay every month.
  • It saves you from future price hikes.
  • Because you are a lifetime user you will get all future updates.
  • You don’t need to pay for features upcoming in future.
  • Ltd users get priority support.

Conclusion – Lifetime SEO Tools Worth or Not?

Most people don’t use SEO tools because they are expensive and need to pay every month but investing in lifetime SEO tools let you stay ahead of the competition without paying every month.

These tools provide valuable digital marketing SEO insights, automate processes, and help you make data-driven decisions to improve your search engine rankings and address SEO issues.

Whether it’s keyword research, competitor analysis, or technical optimization, there are a variety of lifetime SEO tools available to suit marketers specific needs.

By leveraging these tools, you can save time, increase efficiency, and achieve long-term success in your SEO efforts. So, don’t hesitate to explore the best lifetime SEO tools and take your website’s visibility to new heights.

Leave a comment below and let me know which is your favorite SEO tool.

FAQ – Most Asked Questions on Best SEO Lifetime Deals

How to choose the best SEO tools for you?

Know about tool or company and read users review. Check features offering and how user friendly it’s ui. Then always check refund policy.

What about Google’s SEO tools?

Although google also offer free seo tools like GSC, pagespeed, malware check. But they didn’t provide full clear data and even feels complicated to understand for beginners

Are SEO tools worth it?

Yes totally worth specially if there’s LTD plans.

What are the best SEO tools for beginners?

I suggest Neuronwriter for search engine optimized content, Rankatom for keyword research, Siteguru for website seo errors and Squirrly as yoast or rankmath alternative. These are some really best lifetime seo tools for beginners.
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