If you are looking for Best Ai Video Generator Lifetime Deals then in this article we listed 10 Video generating tools coming with lifetime access.

Ever wondered how to create videos that impress the masses? The answer lies in the editing, making video and audio so smooth that people just love it.

This article covers, all the best and most popular ai video softwares and tools available free and with lifetime deals which you can start using for engaging videos generation.



So without wasting time, lets dive in!

List of Best AI Video Generator Lifetime Deals (April 2024)

Lifetime Deal
FlexClip is an all-in-one online software for recording and creating video, movie, slideshow in minutes!GET
Exemplary Ai$59
Exemplary AI is transforming the way we consume audio and video content. With AI transcripts, translations, highlights, summaries and deep linking.GET
Jupitrr Ai$49
With AI capabilities, Jupitrr can generate stock images, videos and captions by clicking just one time.GET
Pinreel let you create stunning animated videos using your phone! Create reels, stories, instagram posts & Youtube intros!GET
Onetake Ai$59
Using artificial intelligence, OneTake AI can take your raw videos and turn them into professional clips with a simple and complete automated tool.GET
Create interactive product demos easily with Guidejar.GET
Lifetime Deal
Vento Lifetime Deal is a screen recording tool that allows you to break, rewind, and re record anytime any mistakesGET
Lifetime Deal
GoBrunch is a webinar platform with a special interface that gives users a more valuable and interactive experience for meetings.GET
Lifetime Deal
At Unlimvideos, you can choose from hundreds of thousands of high-quality, licensed stock video assets for unlimited downloads.GET

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Best AI Video Lifetime Deals (2024)

FlexClip (AI Video Editor): 83% OFF

flexclip- appsumo best lifetime deals

FlexClip is a robust platform that offers full video customization with premium membership available youre allowed unlimited video and unlimited project creation. With it being user friendly and the massive stock photos, videos, and music to pick from. Explore inspiring video templates to spark your creativity.

Plans & Features:

  • Simple film making and editing for social media, marketing, brands, families etc. made with AI power.
  • AI image generator, AI video script, and AI text-to-video for making videos based on text through each feature.
  • Entry of resources to improve a video.
  • Set of text transitions, elements and animations.
  • Simplified team editing thanks to the cloud-based solution.
  • Team work from any place.
  • Easy sharing of your finalised videos on social networks or with a link.

Flexpclip lifetime deals available on appsumo, starting from $69. You can redeem your code within 60 days of purchase.

Exemplary AI: Turn Video into Ai Content

exemplary ai lifetime deal

Exemplary AI is a powerful AI tool and content creation platform that transcribes your audio or video files into text and generates engaging content with artificial intelligence (AI). You can quickly transcribe and create content from various media sources and AI writing.

All you have to do is upload any audio or video file and Exemplary AI will automatically transcribe it for you! From there, you can use our easy set of instructions to fix any mistakes. You can also use the simple web editor to give it some finishing touches. Exemplary AI allows you to reach a broader audience by supporting a variety of languages and media formats.

Plan and Features:

  • Unlimited: AI Writer, AI Player, Video/Audio speed and clipboard control
  • Transcription and Translations in 90+ languages covering all existing and future languages.
  • Unlimited View-only reviewers on all videos
  • AI Modal: AI Writer, Audio and Video Autoplay & Download
  • AI Media Chat: The AI system chats with you on any audio or video topic
  • Create short Clips or Audiogram for social media with 10 quick options

Exemplary lifetime deal starts from $59 one-time payment.

3. Jupitrr: Create Ai Generated Videos Using Stock Footage and Captions

jupitrr lifetime deal on appsumo

Jupitrr is a video generation tool with AI inside, making it much easier for you to make royalty free video and subtitles in just one click.

With Jupitrr, boosting your video is as easy as typing in an MS Word file! Once you’ve uploaded your video to Jupitrr, you’ll have access to an explicit audio transcript that you can change.

You may cut the clip by deleting words from the transcript, which is far easier and more understandable than the average multimedia editing software.

Jupitrr provides subtitles for your video, which lets users who can’t hear or flip through social media on mute enjoy your video easily.

And since users can make captions in over 20 different languages, it is effortless to go global with your video.

In Appsumo’s weekly deals, you can grab Jupitrr at an unmatched price.

Alternative To: Synthesia

Normal Price: $180/month

Appsumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Deal)

4. PinReel: Best for Generating Animated Videos

PinReel: Best for Generating Animated Videos - Best Appsumo Deals

PinReel is a video creation tool that helps you make stunning videos faster than ever before.

Whether you want to create stories, reels, intros, outros, animations, or any other type of video that lives on social media, you only need one tool.

Over a thousand professionally design effects and templates are available for you to choose. Even better – they’re all beautifully resizable so you can edit them to perfection!

Don’t liked the templates? No problem! Make your own video by combining their stock photos, videos, texts, and effects. Save and share in various formats, from videos to GIFs.

Once saved, your work can be uploaded to social media accounts in a breath!

Alternative To: Canva

Normal Price: $299/year

Appsumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Deal)

5. OneTake Ai: Audio & Video Editor with 1 Click

Onetake ai- Best ai video generators

Onetake AI video editing feature involves making a product that will enable people to make video look professional with just one button.

If a person wants to shoot a video in a studio it is very expensive so this is a software that can help a person get a chance to look pitch perfect without doing much and not spending anything.

The AI chat feature is another feature that will generate a perfect video script, content ideas, email newsletters, blog articles and training plan. It is an all in one AI creative assistant with a video editing machine.

OneTake’s AI editing makes videos sound better by automatically removing low level noise, such as the hum of AP systems, traffic or your dog barking during your recording. The AI also levels out the audio balance, sharpens voices, zaps echoes and improves voice and audio quality.

The OneTake Video Assistant shows you exactly what you’ll get in the final video. You can change the video, thumbnail and presentation style with just a click.

OneTake AI takes it further with innovation for AI video translation. Users are able to have their videos translated into 6 different languages, with the intonation remaining the same.

Plus, OneTake AI allows you to dub your voice and synch the lip movements accordingly, this makes sure translations for on the spot and improvised speeches are accurate and clear. With patented technology, OneTake AI allows users to create professional and compelling videos seamlessly.

Plan & Features:

  • Instantly convert raw footage into refined presentations with transitions, animations, and callouts with just one click.
  • Utilize the AI assistant to create video scripts, content ideas, email newsletters, and additional documents.
  • Simply upload raw footage, click the “Magic Button,” and the AI will smooth transitions and animate your video for you.
  • Clear background noises, sharpen voices, and adjust volume, thanks to Audio Enhancement
  • Make changes to video, thumbnail, and presentation style before finishing, thanks to Preview Mode
  • Use patented Translation to translate videos and preserve the original voice and cadence in six languages
  • Render a professional-looking video presentation in minutes
  • Easily navigate and edit with an accessible interface
  • Generate subtitles in real-time, and produce a catchy title with Captivating Title
  • Produce polished videos smoothly, even when candid conversations dictate the flow.

Onetake ai currently available with $59 lifetime deal.

6. Guidejar: Create Product Demos and Simplify Customer Onboard Processes

best video generator lifetime deals - 
 guide appsumo ltd

Guidejar is a strong SaaS tool that streamlines the steps of producing engaging product demos, tutorials, and courses.

All you need is their user friendly web extension, where you can effectively record the procedure with no complicated video editing needed. 

On this page, you can easily customize your guides with your branding and easily follow steps through the procedure.  Best of all, you will effectively instruct the users of the steps with a number of guiding views. 

Also, Guidejar has features you will love down to your core such as, Customizable call to action buttons and a super helpful customer support team doesn’t hurt ether. 

Alternative To: Loom

Normal Price: $240

Appsumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Deal)

7. Vento: Ai Screen Recorder

Best AI Video Generator Lifetime Deals

With Vento, you can easily pause, skip forward a few seconds, and fix any errors. It’s perfect for people dealing with noisy pets, crying babies, or occasional trouble finding the right words. This user-friendly screen recorder allows you to effortlessly go back and make corrections.

Use Vento to include chapter headings, author annotations, and other helpful features. Need to do multiple takes? Just press a button to quickly return to where you last rewound, allowing you to repeat until you get it just right.

Plans and Features:

– Create chapter headings effortlessly with Vento.
– Easily correct mistakes without restarting the entire recording—just pause, rewind, and re-record.
– Perform multiple takes efficiently by jumping to the last rewind point and recording again.
– Fine-tune the tone for pitches or demos without restarting the video.
– Enhance viewer experience by allowing quick navigation to points of interest.
– Include author annotations for any missed details, requiring viewer acknowledgment before continuing.

8. ImagickPro: Animated Graphic Designs & Videos

best ai video generator tools

Imagickpro is a design tool for artists that is very useful. You can use it to make CD covers, product boxes, slideshows, podcasts, or even to make someone a logo reveal video. You can also make photo collages, QR codes, and audio visualizers.

Imagickpro uses a powerful design editor. It also has full GIF support – you can use GIF stickers, emoticons, and memes to make cool effects. You will soon be making designs that are stylish, fresh, and modern!

With Imagickpro you will gain access to millions of HD stock images, icons, and logos for any purpose – you will always find the right image to add to your designs. This tool is the perfect thing for freelancer, or for anyone who wants to give a design of theirs that professional touch.

Plans & Features:

  • User-friendly design editor makes it easy to access over 500 design templates.
  • Create captivating sale banners with GIFs and video effects.
  • Remove backgrounds from photos has never been easier than this!
  • Take advantage of thousands of animation presets. Create custom designs for podcast videos, software boxes, CD’reveal videos and logos.
  • Save all your design creations under one account and in a easy to access place, export animated creations in video, GIF, and PNG formats.
  • Save or export directly to popular cloud drives like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox We update weekly on features and need ones without any additions.
  • Animate your videos and photos with stickers, doodles and emojis. Keep the transparency when you use it video+’.
  • Share, see, download, or grant editing access to your design.
  • When presenting, make sure to lock your design. Render time as a boolean mask, even where the result is not used. Being able to utilize a large database of interesting detail, which consists of more than 1500 colorful 3D emoji.
  • Export your design in a variety of file formats, such as MP4, GIF, APNG, WebP, SVG, or PDF; all in premium rendering quality.

ImagickPro is the best Canva alternative available on appsumo with $55 lifetime deal.

9. GoBrunch: Animated Graphic Designs & Videos

gobrunch lifetime deal - Best AI Video Generator Lifetime Deals

GoBrunch, a webinar platform, calls itself the new face of virtual sessions in the age where even the phrase “Zoom call” gives everyone constant fatigue. GoBrunch changed the interface of webinars completely by focusing on engaging the attendee causing it to seem like an in-person event rather than something that is viewed through a screen.

The simple process of setting up a virtual classroom or training event in minutes with multiple room layouts and seating options per attendee allows for each member to feel like they have a “seat” of ownership in the class or event.

GoBrunch allows for controllability for facilitators. There isn’t a worry of accidently having your microphone on and were constantly asking if it was off and you were muted or not.

The user interaction pieces allow for engagement as attendees can ask and answer questions and raise their hand to be called on, allowing for this sort of atmosphere in a virtual setting.

It supports sessions that are public and private to either showcase something on a webpage or are personal and can only be invited to. And has multiple session breakout rooms and can have multiple facilitators assigned to a session allowing for multitasking within the GoBrunch website instead of having to constantly shut down and go back into another link.

A detailed frequency report is available for each session to show duration, names of participants and who was engaged throughout.

The GoBrunch tool is very user friendly and has nice basic features for being able to control and be a full participant in a virtual setting.

Alternative To: Zoom

Normal Price: $870/year

Appsumo Price: $79 (Lifetime Deal)

10. UnlimVideos: 300,000+ authentic licensed stock videos

UnlimVideos: 300,000+ authentic licensed stock videos Best AI Video Generator Lifetime Deals

Unlimvideos is the leading platform for Unlimited Downloads of Premium Stock High Quality Videos or footages with only a fraction of the cost. Many of the low quality stock video sites, while providing a large amount of video footage lacks in protecting there downloads with copyright.

This doesn’t contribute well in giving the website or project a polished and professional appearance.

The copyright of the video has ensured priority among the other competitors in this industry by giving users the confidence to use videos without a hassle or burdening ancillary charges of licensing.

Another limitation in the competition is using stock videos for purely personal projects and this limitation is addressed by Unlimvideo’s Terms of Service as videos are also good money making products made for the business.

Each collection, sourced from videographers all around the world, is ever expanding every week, so there will always be fresh new content to dive into to give you an endless repository of top-tier stock videos.

With the ability to create your own archives with our handy folder system, your projects will be as organised as can be, fitting within the parameters to be easily accessible for immediate downloads or for when you need them at a later date during a research session.

The footage clips on offer are extremely versatile, meaning you’ll be able to find something that fits in perfectly with your projects, whether they be for social media or blog posts or for bigger sites that want a footer, header, body copy and contact area, or for websites that need 5 page templates or for ecommerce product pages that needs 8 different templates or for a print-run and many other things or maybe just a logo sting for a client’s website.

The user interface is extremely easy to use and simple to navigate, with an enhanced search and filter system that will get you onto high-definition footage clips in a matter of seconds.

Alternative To: Zoom

Normal Price: $240/year

Appsumo Price: $59 (Lifetime Deal)

Final Thoughts on Best Ai Video Tools Lifetime Deals

Now we are on the final thoughts of these ai tools, so choosing the best AI video creator is all about what you need. Exemplary AI and FlexClip have different features, and whether it’s about watermarks, used ai module or lifetime deals, you need to think about what’s more important to you.

Stay updated with their websites or check roadmap for the latest info on features, prices, deals.

Whether you’re on that free plan or just thinking about those lifetime deals, AI video creation is a changing world, made easier for you if you show your creativity.

FAQ: Most Asked Question on Ai Video Tools

Which AI video generator is best?

Figuring out the best AI video creator depends on what you need and like. Exemplary AI and FlexClip are good options with unique features for creating engaging videos.

Is there any free AI video generator?

It’s a good idea to see what each platform offers right now. Usually, they have free plans, but they might have some limits. For instance, FlexClip gives you a free version, but it comes with a watermark. Exemplary AI might offer trial or free options, but there could be some restrictions on how you use them.

What is the exemplary AI lifetime deal?

Exemplary AI Lifetime Deal offers a one-time purchase for perpetual access to their advanced AI platform which can turn video with multiple various content pieces.

Which AI video creator has no watermark?

FlexClip provides a free version with a watermark. The watermark policy or the availability of a watermark-free option from Exemplary AI might change, so it’s advisable to review their current terms and plans for the latest information.

What is the best free AI video generator?

Most of the ai video generators offer free trial and you can use them free until you have credits or access in free plan.

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