Best Lifetime Social Media Marketing Tools: If you are looking for a solution to manage all of your social media profiles from single place, then we have curated a list of the right social media marketing tools with lifetime deals to help you better plan your strategy in the social media market.

The article listed with some of the best SMM lifetime deals available.

These Social Media Marketing Lifetime Deals will help you perfectly schedule posts, manage social accounts, and finally grow your social network. Too much socializing but it has all come together under one roof.



List of Best Social Medial Marketing Lifetime Deals (April 2024)

Below is the list our hand-picked social media management tools of the 2024. You can explore their exciting features such as bulk scheduling, creating a media library, and handling multiple social media accounts with ease.

Lifetime Deal
Use Followr's scheduling, calendar, and planning tools to simplify your social media plan.GET
With significant analytics, referral marketing and automation, Sociamonials helps to get better results for SMMGET
Picmaker fueled by AI which provides you with a content creator, post scheduler, metrics analyzer and much more.GET
Inksprout create social content with ease. From AI writing assistant to bitesize Tiktok and YouTube Short generation.GET
Wobb is a platform for influencer marketing that gives you access to over 250M influencers and the ability to manage campaigns across social channels.GET
Best Pinterest Marketing and Automation ToolGET
Lifetime Deal
Wp Social will help you in adding to your website social logins, counters for reviews, and like/share buttons of various designs.GET
Lifetime Deal
Generate 100's of Pinterest pins with one clickGET


Lifetime Deal
Schedule content for your multiple social media accounts with a single mobile-friendly content scheduler.GET

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But first things first, before anything else let’s do a quick study on what exactly are social media marketing tools and how they could benefit you in better strategizing social media posts for your business. 

What Are Social Media Marketing Tools?

In simple words, social media management tools are platforms that enhance a business’s social media presence and strategy. They manage, analyze, and improve your major social media channels. They also suggest you best time to post, assign posts per social profile, and automate social media calendar. 

Isn’t it great that these tools simplify the complex social media algorithms for you all while providing the ultimate lifetime deals?

The measure features of any social media marketing tool include social media scheduling, analytics and reporting, social listening, content creation and design, ad management, community management, and influencer marketing. 

Best Lifetime Social Media Tools (2024)


followr SMM lifetime deal

One of the major steps in building a seamless network is by connecting all your social media accounts and schedules to post engaging content. is one such amazing platform that also provides an all-in-one space to create, schedule, and automate your social media content. 


  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Use tools like “Create from News,” “Ask AI To Write,” and “Create from Google Search” in our AI Playground for effortless post creation.
  • Scheduling & Automation: Plan and automate posts on major platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Pinterest, and TikTok for maximum efficiency.
  •  Followr’s Analytics Feature: Gain a comprehensive view of data and statistics across social media platforms to make informed decisions and optimize your strategy.
  • Explore Diverse Topics: The Playground lets you explore and generate content ideas directly from the editor, ensuring a constant flow of inspiration.
  • Verified Facts & Stats: Access cited facts and statistics to add credibility and authority to your articles, enhancing the quality of your content.
  • Understand Your Audience: Followr’s AI comprehends your audience’s intents, helping you tailor your content to resonate with your readers and deliver what they seek.
  • Address Audience Queries: Identify and address your audience’s questions with Followr’s Playground, aiding in the creation of content that truly connects and meets their needs.

Regular Pricing: $72

Lifetime Deal: $29/one time payment


socIamonials best SMM lifetime deal

If you are looking for an SMM tool for managing social media and doing viral giveaways, then Sociamonial can be a good fit for you. It has automatic reposts along with giveaway campaigns coming with pre-built templates. Which you can launch in single click.

automatic reposts optimized for revenue, automated posting, viral giveaways, Hootsuite, automatic fraud prevention, submission approval via mobilewhite label optionsdouble opt-insplit testing


  • Campaigns: Easily launch campaigns in 100+ languages using ready-made design templates and background images – no coding required.
  • Contests with Advanced Features:
    • Automatic fraud prevention
    • Mobile submission approval
    • White label options
    • Double opt-in
    • Split testing
    • Contestants can enter and vote simultaneously
  • Unique All-in-One Features:
    • Automatic reposts of top content
    • Multi-network sharing
    • URL shortener
    • Unlimited reports
    • Video testimonials
    • Agency-level social campaigns without agency fees
  • Revenue and Leads Focus: Sociamonials go beyond engagement, offering powerful capabilities to drive revenue and leads.
  • Integration with Email Platforms: Seamlessly integrates with SendFox and Mailerlite for enhanced email marketing.
  • Influencer Analytics: Identify influencers driving traffic and sign-ups, allowing you to measure their impact effectively.

Regular Pricing: $1188

Lifetime Deal: $69/one time payment


Picmaker best SMM lifetime deal

Picmaker being a great social media marketing tool facilitates enhancing your presence on social media sites and its analytics also manage multiple social media channels to optimize their full potential.


  • AI-Powered Social Media Solution:
      – Offers tools for content creation, post-scheduling, and metrics analysis.
      – Avoids the generic “template look” with personalized social graphics created using AI.
  • Effortless Background Removal:
      – Quickly removes backgrounds from images for professional product listings and ad campaigns.
  • Versatile Design Resizing:
      – Instantly resizes designs for various platforms like Instagram stories, Facebook posts, and flyers.
  • User-Friendly Design Process:
      – Access design templates and a library of 100 million images, fonts, and graphic elements.
      – Create captivating social media captions with AI to complement your designs.
  • Seamless Social Media Integration:
      – Connects to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest for direct profile publishing.
      – Automatic scheduling based on audience insights, with options for the first comment, location, and hashtags.
  • Optimization Tools:
      – Utilizes geotagging, link shorteners, and hashtag suggestions to maximize the impact of social media content.

Regular Pricing: $300

Lifetime Deal: $69/one time payment


Inksprout best SMM lifetime deal

Any social media marketing platform will majorly guide in publishing or scheduling social posts, but if we combine it with AI writing, your content on social media shines to stand out. 


Effortless Social Content Creation:
  – Inksprout makes generating social content easy with its AI writing assistant.
  – Offers bite size TikTok and YouTube Short generation for engaging short-form content.

Simple Content Generation Process:
  – Just provide industry news or your blog post, and Inksprout will generate creative content for you

Social Media Scheduling Functions:
  – Inksprout includes social media scheduling capabilities for convenient planning.

 Chrome Extension and Platform Integrations:
  – Provides a Chrome extension for added accessibility.
  – Integrates with 7+ social management platforms for seamless workflow acceleration.

LinkedIn Business Insight:
  – Highlights a LinkedIn Business statistic: Page updates with links can increase engagement by 45%.
  – Emphasize the organic growth potential through link sharing to expand your audience.

Regular Pricing: $319

Lifetime Deal: $89/one time payment


wobb best SMM lifetime deal

Wobb Influencer Marketing Platform:
  – Access a vast network of over 250 million influencers across Instagram, YouTube, and X (twitter).

In-Depth Influencer Analysis:
  – Explore audience demographics, fake follower counts, and interests for each influencer.

 Advanced Search and Filtering:
  – Find the ideal influencer match by filtering based on location, partnerships, and engagement rates.

 Direct Platform Connections:
  – Send personalized invites directly through Wobb, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

All-in-One Dashboard:
  – Easily manage, track, review, and approve campaign activities using Wobb’s comprehensive dashboard.

Real-Time Performance Metrics:
  – Receive real-time metrics such as clicks, conversion rates, and sales to gauge campaign impact.

Content Effectiveness Analysis:
  – Identify the most effective content for maximum engagement with your brand.

 Collaborative Features:
  – Invite team members to access campaigns and export reports, ensuring everyone stays informed and involved.

Regular Pricing: $319

Lifetime Deal: $89/one time payment


Pinflux best SMM lifetime deal

Different social media platforms each have their own analytics and algorithms, but Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms when it comes to customers wanting to know more about their aesthetics.

Pinflux is a great social media management tool that elevates your product’s reach to connect to customer’s interests. 

Pinterest Marketing with Pinflux:
  – Pinterest is a highly effective platform for product promotion due to its visual impact and focus on lifestyle and products.

Pinflux Features:  – Manage and grow Pinterest profiles easily with Pinflux.
  – Find and schedule interesting content, connect with other members, and automate marketing tasks.

Desktop App Convenience:
  – Pinflux is a Windows-based Desktop app that runs in the background, streamlining Pinterest marketing activities.

Pro Version Access:
  – Access the Pro version of Pinflux at $104 per year ($37 + $67 upgrade) through the official website of Pinflux. in.

Comprehensive Training:
  – Gain extensive training on using Pinflux and high-quality tutorials on effective Pinterest marketing.

 Live Chat Support:
  – Benefit from a 24/6 live chat support process on the website for assistance with software or access issues.

Regular Pricing: $328

Lifetime Deal: $99/one time payment


wp social best SMM lifetime deal

When it comes to social media, WpSocial stands out by integrating nine popular social media services and allowing users to log in to your WordPress site. It also provides customizable templates and multiple styles for the navigation of the buttons.


  1. Social Logins:
    • Users can log in to your WordPress site using their accounts from various social media services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  2. Integration with Nine Social Media Services:
    • Wp Social supports integration with nine popular social media services, providing users with multiple options for logging in and sharing content.
  3. Customizable Templates:
    • The plugin offers customizable templates for admin login layouts, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your login pages.
  4. Social Sharing:
    • With just a few clicks, visitors can easily share your content on 15 different social platforms, including Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.
  5. Multiple Social Share Button Styles:
    • Wp Social provides 18 different styles for social share buttons, allowing you to choose a design that fits your website’s aesthetic.
  6. Vertical and Horizontal Layouts:
    • You can choose between vertical and horizontal layouts for the social share buttons, allowing you to integrate them seamlessly into your website’s design.
  7. Share Count Customization:
    • The plugin allows you to decide whether to show or hide the share count. This flexibility enables you to tailor your website’s appearance based on your preferences and strategy.
  8. Custom Login Redirect URLs:
    • You can manage custom login redirect URLs, giving you control over where users are directed after logging in.
  9. Show/Hide Social Login Buttons:
    • You can choose to show or hide social login buttons for different pages, allowing you to optimize the user experience based on your vision for the site.
  10. Lifetime Support:
    • The plugin includes lifetime support, ensuring that you can receive assistance and updates over the long term.
  11. Automatic Updates:
    • The plugin provides automatic updates, helping you stay current with the latest features and security improvements.

Regular Pricing: $186

Lifetime Deal: $39/one time payment

Pin Generator

Pin generator best SMM lifetime deal

Pin Generator seems to be an efficient tool for automating Pinterest marketing campaigns and social media analytics. This popular social media management tool is perfectly efficient in saving time and cost in the long run.

  1. Time-Saving Design Features:
    • Offers multiple pin templates for quick and easy design selection.
    • Allows users to create custom dynamic Pinterest templates, providing flexibility in design.
    • Utilizes AI to remix pin titles and descriptions, reducing the need for manual input.
    • Supports image and video uploads for diverse content creation.
    • Provides options to choose fonts and colors to maintain brand consistency.
    • Allows users to import stock videos for richer visual content.
  2. Automation for Efficiency:
    • Saves significant time by automating the process of creating and scheduling Pinterest pins.
    • Especially beneficial for large-scale Pinterest marketing campaigns, where creating multiple pins manually could be time-consuming.
  3. Financial Savings:
    • Reduces costs associated with hiring someone to create and schedule Pinterest pins.
    • Offers a cost-effective solution by streamlining the pin creation process.
  4. Revenue Generation:
    • Emphasizes the relationship between traffic and revenue.
    • Facilitates the creation of a large-scale Pinterest marketing campaign, driving more traffic to e-commerce stores or websites.
    • Positions itself as a tool that can contribute to the overall revenue generation strategy.
  5. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Presumably features an intuitive interface that allows users to generate pins efficiently without a steep learning curve.
  6. Campaign Scalability:
    • Ideal for users looking to implement a high-frequency pinning strategy, such as 20 fresh pins per day.
  7. Customization Options:
    • Provides customization options for templates, fonts, colors, and content, allowing users to maintain their brand identity.

Regular Pricing: $203

Lifetime Deal: $99/one time payment

Final Words – Best Lifetime Social Media Marketing Tools

Having the best social media marketing tools in your hands with the best lifetime deals can be considered an amazing opportunity to assess benefits and reach the top of the market.

Their premium features and cost-saving deals can be used to strengthen in evaluating your social media channels’ longevity.

It is also important to stay on the ongoing trends and algorithms while keeping up with updated tools that align with your business’s needs.

For a business to sprout in this fast-paced world of AI and digital marketing, having some of the best social media marketing tools with unlimited access to its features will not only help you flourish but consistently stay on top. They help in aligning the ever-changing trends with your products and use it as an opportunity to keep growing your business.

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