Searching for Ai Writers, Here’s the list of Best Ai Content Writing tools for content writers in 2024.

If you’re a content writer, you know that coming up with fresh ideas and new perspectives can be difficult. But did you know that there are Ai copywriting tools that can help you with that?

With the help of ai writing tools, writers can now create original and plagiarism-free content within minutes. Such AI writing tools are really proving to be a blessing for writers, as they are getting their work done on time and producing quality article for their audiences.

How Ai Writing Softwares Helpful to Content Writers? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tools are becoming more and more popular as tools to help content writers. But what exactly are they and how do they work?

In simple terms, AI writing software is a program that uses algorithms to help you write better. The software looks at what you’ve written and makes suggestions on how to improve it. This can be anything from choosing better words to using a more active voice.

AI writing software can be a great help for writers, especially if you’re struggling with writer’s block or just need a little bit of extra help to polish your work.

One of the best things about AI writing software is that it’s always learning and evolving. As you use it, the software gets better at understanding your writing style and making suggestions that are tailored to you.

If you’re thinking of using AI writing software, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to choose a software that’s right for you. There are a lot of different AI writing softwares on the market, so it’s important to find one that fits your needs.

second, remember that AI writing software is just a tool. It’s not a replacement for your own creativity and knowledge. The best content is still going to come from you, not from a machine.

In this blog post, we’ll show you the 11 best AI writing tools for writers rankwise.  

Here are the 11 Best Ai Writing Tools for content writers (2024 Ranked)

1. NeuronWriter – Best Surfer SEO Alternative

NeuronWriter vs scalenut - neuronwriter review

NeuronWriter revolutionizes content creation with AI-powered tools for efficient research, planning, and writing. It accelerates the creative process, offering insights from high-ranking content, generating outlines, and optimizing for both users and search engines.

With features like NLP-driven recommendations, plagiarism checks, and internal linking suggestions, it ensures unique and top-notch content.

NeuronWriter’s content planning tools, collaboration options, and integration with Google Search Console make it a comprehensive solution for consistent and competitive content creation.

Key Features of Neuronwriter:

  • Rapid Content Research: Analyze SERPs and extract insights from top-ranking pages in your niche.
  • AI-Powered Content Generation: Create drafts, and outlines, and even overcome writer’s block with AI-generated content.
  • Semantic SEO Optimization: Receive recommendations for optimizing content to cater to both user intent and search engine algorithms.
  • Advanced Plagiarism Checker: Ensure content uniqueness and originality with a powerful plagiarism-checking tool.
  • Content Planning and Task Management: Prioritize topics based on market trends, collaborate with team members, and track workflow efficiently.

Neuwriter: Pros & Cons


  • Time Efficiency: Accelerates content creation by automating research, drafting, and optimization processes. It is a great content-writing tool that helps.
  • Comprehensive Recommendations: Provides NLP and SERP-driven suggestions, ensuring content resonates with both users and search engines.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitates seamless teamwork with content repository, export options, and workflow tracking.
  • Integration with Google Search Console: Monitors the impact of content efforts and offers term recommendations for improvement.
  • Diverse Sharing Options: Enables easy collaboration with teammates, enhancing project efficiency and communication.a short time


  • Learning Curve: Users may face a learning curve initially due to the advanced features, requiring some time to fully exploit the tool’s potential.

Pricing: NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal

NeuronWriter Lifetime Deal Plans
  • Single Plan $89: This plan offers 2 projects, 25 analysis and 15k Ai generation limit every month.
  • Double $178: In this neuron writer lifetime deal, You will get 5 Project. 50 analysis, 30 Ai credits and Content ideas feature.
  • Multiple $267: You will get access to all features and increased credit limits to 10 projects, 75 analysis, 45 Ai credits, content ideas, GSC (google search console) & WordPress integrations, task management and 75 Plagiarism checker credits.

2. Scalenut – Best Quality A.i Writer with SEO Optimization

The List of Best AI Copywriting Tools & Their Features

Just like Surfer SEO, Scalenut is one of the best Ai writers combined with SEO/Content optimization features. In fact it’s writer content quality better than Jasper. 

Scalenut’s Content Intelligence, GPT 3.5 + in house developed language model helps their users to powerup the content research with it’s ai and seo assistant.

Recently they have integrated with SEMrush, it makes it more amazing compared to others.

Key Features:

  • Begin with a single term and receive extensive reports chock-full of useful information. SEO Assistant helps you plan material that will rank by using its knowledge of important terms, h tags, readability, and intent.
  • Get winning content ideas and copy from AI.
  • With AI Copywriter, you will get new and limitless content ideas at the touch of a button. It’s your obvious advantage, which extends to full blogs, marketing copy, email headers, ad copy, social media postings, and various other content formats.
  • With the SEO Assistant’s intelligent editor, make sure everything is in order, from key terms and image density to pertinent questions and h tags, and generate winning content every time.
  • There’s also chrome extension available to work seamlessly.

Scalenut Pros & Cons


  • Great UI/UX
  • High-Quality Content (Output)
  • A lot of Copywriting templates
  • Google NLP (natural language processing)  feature is a good inclusion


  • Nothing to mention here, tool is consistent improving itself


Scalenut Review 2022 - Is It The Best AI Writing Tool? – Blogging QnA

Free: click here to get free scalenut account

Indiviual: $29/mon for 100,000 words, 5 SEO reports

Growth:$79/mon Unlimited words, 30 SEO reports

Pro: $149/mon Unlimited words, unlimited SEO reports and all access

3. Surfer Ai – Unlimited words generation

Best Ai Content writing Tools

Surfer AI transforms content creation by generating articles that not only meet SEO standards but also drive traffic effectively. With a fast and cost-efficient process, it empowers over 20,000 content creators, SEOs, and agencies.

Utilizing GPT-4 32k technology, Surfer AI ensures articles are optimized for search engines and captivate the target audience. The magic workflow simplifies keyword selection, article settings, outline review, and article generation, making it user-friendly and efficient.


  1. Write with AI:
    • Ready-to-rank articles in less than 20 minutes.
    • 7 times cheaper than using a dedicated writer.
    • Trusted by 20,000+ Content Creators, SEOs, and Agencies.
  2. Magic Workflow:
    • Effortlessly publish articles tailored for your target audience.
    • Clear and straightforward steps: Pick keywords, adjust settings, review the outline, and generate the article.
  3. GPT-4 32k Engine:
    • Boosted AI engine for SERPs and audience engagement.
    • Improved context size of 32k, reducing repetition and enhancing transitions between article sections.
  4. Information Gathering:
    • Surfer AI handles SEO comprehensively, acting as a virtual SEO expert.
    • Analyzes over 300,000 words, considers 500 ranking factors, and utilizes GPT-4 with a context size of 32k.

Pros of Surfer AI

👍Speed and Cost Efficiency:

Article creation in less than 20 minutes, offering a cost-effective alternative to hiring dedicated writers.

👍Wide User Base:

Trusted by a diverse community of over 20,000 content creators, SEOs, and agencies.

👍GPT-4 32k Engine:

Utilizes advanced GPT-4 technology with a context size of 32k for improved content quality.

👍Comprehensive SEO Integration:

Handles SEO tasks internally, acting as a virtual SEO expert available 24/7.

👍User-Friendly Magic Workflow:

Simplifies the content creation process with a clear, step-by-step workflow.

Cons of Surfer Ai

👎Limited Customization:

While efficient, some users may find Surfer AI’s approach limiting in terms of highly customized content creation, depending on specific needs or industries.


surfer ai lifetime deal

Its pricing starts from $19/article. and there are 3 plans for upto 25 articles.

4. Jasper ai – Overall Best

When it comes about ai writing tools  , how Jasper ai can be left behind, infact it’s one of earliest ai writers which was introduced.

Jasper ai is a GPT-3.5 artificial intelligence-based ai writing tool, which can create Ads copy, long form posts, landing page copy, Social posts, Blog/E-com products descriptions, marketing emails and much more high converting content. 

Recently they have integrated with Surfer SEO using API.

Key Features:

  • Very helpful long-form content assistant.
  • Comes with game changer Boss Mode, Supports up to 30 different languages for content creation
  • Easy to use UI/UX.
  • Really useful content templates, especially AIDA, PAS, and content improver. 

Jasper ai Pros & Cons


  • 10,000 Free Credits on Singup, Click here to sign up free
  • Really useful content templates, especially AIDA, PAS, and content improver.
  • Very helpful long form content assistant.
  • Comes with game changer Boss Mode
  • Supports up to 30 different languages for content creation
  • Grammar fixer, content simplifier make things easier.
  • Jasper free version available with limited access


  • Not all of the content that is ai-generated is usable.
  • Users have to buy monthly or yearly price subscriptions. (biggest con compared to it’s competitors)
  • Prices are a little too high.


Jasper AI Pricing 2022: Picking The Best Plan For Your Needs - Inspired Life

Free: Officially their is no free plan, but you can get 10,000 Free Credits on Sing up, Click here to sign up free

Starter Plan: $24/mon for 20,000 words

Boss Mode: $49/mon for 50,000 words

5. Wordplay ai – Ture Long Form Writer

Best Ai content writing tools

Wordplay A.I writing tool allows you to create full-length 1,500+ word articles from a single keyword in just 1 click, no complicated process, no text selecting and no multiple clicks. All it takes your topic keyword and 1 click.

Plus, wordplay also lets you add subheadings for more control over the content relevancy that you want from A.i while generating the article. And this thing is only available in Wordplay.

Key Features:

  • Generate high-quality long-form articles in 1 click (first and only long from a.i writer)
  • Most simple user interface
  • Best alternative to Writesonic, Article forge
  • Add subheadings that you want A.i to cover in the article (not available in any other a.i writer)
  • Export content in any format Text or Html
  • WordPress plugin to import generated articles directly on your website
  • Best things, this ai tool on lifetime deal.

Wordplay ai Pros & Cons


  • Wordplay is the most simple A.i writer I’ve ever used
  • It is the first and only long-form a.i writer
  • Users can also add subheadings to have more control over A.i
  • Bulk creation mode available
  • WordPress plugin to import content directly on your website


  • No dedicated short for ai assistants
  • No inbuilt plagiarism checker, hope we see that in future


Wordplay ai is currently available on Appsumo lifetime deal with one time payment of $99 for 7500 words generation with 60 days money back guarantee.

Lifetime Deal: $89/one time payment

6. Katteb Ai – Best Tool for Content Creators

Best Ai content writing tools

Katteb, an AI-powered writing tool, creates fact-checked, localized content in over 110 languages, offering versatility for various channels. With 30+ content types, including article, URL, YouTube, and Amazon writing, it ensures accuracy with citations from reliable sources.

The platform’s main dashboard facilitates easy content generation, allowing users to replace repetitive words, insert FAQs, and create a knowledge repository. Katteb is equipped to produce SEO-friendly, long-form articles with relevant images, promising reliable and trustworthy content creation, and is among the top AI writer lifetime tools features on Appsumo.


  • Versatile Content Generation: Over 30 content types are available in 110+ languages.
  • Fact-Checking Assurance: Ensures factual accuracy through citations from trusted sources.
  • Multiple Writers: Offers different writers for articles, URLs, YouTube, and Amazon.
  • Word Replacement: Allows easy replacement of repetitive words with thematic synonyms.
  • Knowledge Repository: Insert FAQs and offline materials to create a knowledge base for your brand.

Pros of Katteb AI

👍Reliable Content:

Fact-checks content from credible sources, ensuring reliability for genuine AI writing and SEO optimization.

👍Word Variety:

Eliminates repetitive words, suggesting thematic synonyms for diverse content.

👍Latest Stats and Knowledge Inclusion:

Integrates FAQs and offline materials, building a comprehensive knowledge repository.

👍SEO-Friendly Long-Form Content:

Facilitates the creation of SEO-friendly long-form articles with relevant words and 100 AI images. 

👍User-Friendly Interface:

The main dashboard simplifies content generation, making it accessible and efficient with 100 AI images every month.

Cons of Katteb Ai

👎Low Words Credit, Generation limit should be higher.

Lifetime Deals Pricing

katteb pricing - Best Ai Content writing Tools

Lifetime $39 for 15,000 words/month. All features included.

One-time $78 for 30,000 words/month. All features included.

One-time $117 for 45,000 words/month. Bring your own API key. All features included.

7. GoZen Content.Ai – Ai Writer with SEO Optimization

gozen content ai ltd

GoZen Content.Ai leverages AI to generate scalable SEO content and graphics across platforms. Conduct keyword research effortlessly, creating content with pre-built templates and the Chrome extension.

The tool offers SEO-friendly, engaging copy for diverse purposes, from landing pages to social media.

It streamlines blogging with SEO-friendly titles, meta descriptions, and multi-language support. GoZen Content.Ai goes beyond text, generating unique graphics in various styles, from 3D renders to paintings.

With a user-friendly approach, it enables efficient content creation, leaving users free to focus on strategic aspects.


  • Keyword Research: Utilize AI technologies for SEO keywords and trending topic research in your industry.
  • Template-Based Content Creation: Quickly create SEO-friendly content for various platforms using pre-built templates and the Chrome extension.
  • Efficient Blogging: Generate outlines or full-length SEO blogs with SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions.
  • Multilingual Support: Create content in multiple languages, ensuring a broader audience reach.
  • Image Generation: AI-driven graphic creation, producing unique visuals in different styles like 3D renders and paintings.

Pros of Content AI

👍Unlimited Scalable Content Creation:

AI-powered generation of SEO content and graphics at scale, saving time and effort.

👍Comprehensive Blogging Support:

Efficiently produce SEO blogs with outlines, titles, and meta descriptions, while ensuring language accuracy.

👍Versatile Graphics:

AI creates unique graphics in various visual styles, enhancing online content visibility.

👍User-Friendly Interface:

Streamlined process, requiring minimal marketing expertise, allowing users to focus on strategic planning.

👍Lifetime Access:

Secure lifetime access to GoZen Content.Ai, ensuring continuous benefits without recurring fees.

Cons of Content Ai

👎Nothing special to mention here.

Pricing: Content Ai Lifetime Deal

content ai lifetime plan

License Tier 1:

  • One-time purchase: $49
  • Word Limit: 30,000 words per month
  • Image Limit: 100 AI images per month

License Tier 2:

  • One-time purchase: $99
  • Word Limit: 60,000 words per month
  • Image Limit: 200 AI images per month

License Tier 3:

  • One-time purchase: $199
  • Word Limit: 160,000 words per month
  • Image Limit: 300 AI images per month

8. WordHero- Best Content Writing Tool that Helps

wordhero - Best Ai Content writing Tools

WordHero revolutionizes content creation with its diverse tools. In just seconds, users can effortlessly generate short or long-form content, ensuring it’s plagiarism-free and human-like.

Unlocking Editor Mode and WordHero Chat add depth to the experience. The GPT-4 Enhanced Mode and WordHero Art allow for advanced text composition and creative expression.

Constant updates keep it at the forefront of AI. However, unlocking certain modes requires codes in this writing assistant tool.

Key Features:

  • Generator Mode for instant short-form quality content.
  • Editor Mode (unlockable) for seamless long-form crafting.
  • WordHero Chat (unlockable) for human-like dialogue.
  • Enhanced Mode (GPT-4) for upgraded text composition.
  • WordHero Art for creative expression and engaging content.

Peppertypr Pros & Cons


  • Rapid content generation with 80+ writing tools to help an article writer.
  • Seamless crafting and saving with Editor Mode.
  • Human-like conversational dialogue with WordHero Chat.
  • Advanced text composition and creative expression with Enhanced Mode and WordHero Art.


  • Unlocking certain features requires upper plan.

Pricing: Wordhero Lifetime Deal

wordhero ltd pricing
  • Plan 1: $89 – 30k GPT-3.5, 1k GPT-4 tokens, 20 AI images, 1 brand voice.
  • Plan 2: $178 – 80k GPT-3.5, 5k GPT-4 tokens, 40 AI images, 2 brand voices, long-form editor.
  • Plan 3: $267 – Unlimited GPT-3.5, 10k GPT-4 tokens, 80 AI images, 3 brand voices, long-form editor, WordHero Chat.

9. WPAutoBlog – Best Ai Writer for WordPress

wpautoblog - ai writer for wordpress

Effortlessly manage your content strategy with WPAutoBlog’s intuitive post scheduler, seamlessly integrating AI-generated content that aligns with your brand voice.

Revolutionize content production, enjoying long-form articles, meticulous HTML optimization, and keyword research for enhanced SEO.

You can Elevate your content marketing on autopilot, fostering engagement and loyalty with the WPAutoBlog AI writing tool lifetime deal in Appsumo.


  • Intuitive Post Scheduler:
    • Simplify blog planning and streamline publication processes.
    • Enhance efficiency across multiple blogs.
  • Seamless AI Content Integration:
    • Witness AI-generated content aligning seamlessly with your brand voice.
    • Revolutionize content creation for a consistent, engaging reader experience.
  • Meticulously Structured Long-Form Articles:
    • Enjoy articles exceeding 2,000 words, meticulously structured for reader engagement.
    • Enhance SEO visibility through detailed content planning.
  • HTML Optimization Approach:
    • Leverage a meticulous approach to HTML with proper implementation of h1, h2, and h3 tags.
    • Optimize content for maximum search engine visibility.
  • Multilingual Support (35 languages):
    • Embrace a multilingual advantage, supporting 35 languages for diverse content strategies.
    • Target broader audiences across various language versions of Google.

Pros of WpAutoBlog

👍Streamlined Workflow Integration:

  • Effortlessly integrate WPAutoBlog into your existing content creation processes.
  • Enhance collaboration and efficiency in content planning.

👍Exponential Organic Traffic Growth:

  • Revolutionize content marketing efforts on autopilot.
  • Experience consistent organic traffic growth, fostering community engagement.

👍Comprehensive Keyword Insights:

  • Access a powerful keyword research tool revealing search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulty.
  • Gain valuable insights for crafting compelling, high-ranking articles.

👍Diversified Multilingual Content Strategy:

Embrace the multilingual advantage, diversifying your content strategy for broader audience targeting.

Cons of WpAutoBlog Ai Writer

👎Unresponsive Customer Support Team:

  • The customer support team takes very long to get back to the users, making the user-experience a bit strained. 

Pricing: Wpautoblog Lifetime Deal

wpautoblog pricing
  • Plan 1: $39
    • 25 articles, unlimited websites, 500 keyword searches, SEO optimized, 35 languages, 2,000+ word articles, real stock photos.
  • Plan 2: $78
    • 50 articles, unlimited websites, 500 keyword searches, SEO optimized, 35 languages, 2,000+ word articles, real stock photos.
  • Plan 3: $117
    • 150 articles, unlimited websites, 500 keyword searches, SEO optimized, 35 languages, 2,000+ word articles, real stock photos.

10. Writecream – Ai Writer with Content Templates

writecream lifetime deal

Writecream is an A.I powered content writing tool (consisting 30+ tools) for copywriting needs such as – ads, product descriptions/reviews, blogs, social media content.

Plus, users can also use it for their outbound marketing campaign & outreach like cold emails, LinkedIn InMails, backlinks, etc. 

After 2023 update writecream introduced ChatGpt like feature – Chatgenie.


  • Personalized Intros– Cold Emails, LinkedIn Outreach, Pitch an Angel, Backlink Campaigns, Domain Purchase outreach
  • Digital Ads Copy- Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, more coming soon
  • Articles & Blogs- Blog Ideas, Intros & Outlines, Blog Heading Expander, Blog Conclusion, Compelling Bullet Points, Article Summaries
  • Website Copy- Website Tiles & Headlines, Website Sub-Headlines, Feature to Benefit, Headers, SEO Meta Descriptions
  • Social Media- Social Media Post Captions, Engaging Social Media Posts, YouTube Video Topic Ideas, Product Reviews, Quora Answer Assist
  • eCommerce Copywriting- Product Descriptions, Pain-Agitate-Solution, AIDA, Before-After-Bridge, Value Proposition

Writecream Pros & Cons


  • Writecream has an easy-to-use UI/UX, with more than 30 copy+content+outreach caterized tools
  • Multi-language voice covers recording
  • WriteCream is highly focused on personalised content, just enter url of site/linkedin and it generates many good outreach contents.
  • Support team are very fast
  • Very effective results for backlinks outreach


  • Everything is OK with this tool, haven’t found any issues. Developers improving every problem they founding.


Writecream ai is currently available on Appsumo lifetime deal with one time payment of $59 for 200 credits per month (~ 400,000 characters) generation with 60 days money back gurtantee.

Lifetime Deal: $59/one time payment

11. Texta Ai – The #1 Ai Writer

texta i Best Ai Content writing Tools

Tired of content creation struggles? Enter, an AI-powered tool with 60+ content generation features. The user-friendly interface simplifies keyword research, topic analysis, and content optimization. The blog generator effortlessly crafts SEO-optimized posts, freeing you from writer’s block and time-consuming research. Benefit from real-time Google ranking boost suggestions.


  • Over 60 Content Generation Tools:
    • Dive into a diverse toolkit for keyword research, topic analysis, and content optimization.
  • User-Friendly Interface:
    • Easily navigate and find tools, ensuring a smooth content creation experience.
  • Blog Generator for SEO-Optimized Posts:
    • Instantly generate blog posts tailored to your needs and optimized for search engines.
  • SERP Google Ranking Boost Feature:
    • Receive real-time recommendations to improve your content and rank higher on Google.
  • Tailored Content for Audience Engagement:
    • Craft content that resonates with your audience for increased engagement and growth.

Pros of WpAutoBlog

👍Streamlined Content Creation:

Effortlessly create content with a wide array of tools at your fingertips.

👍Easy Navigation of Tools:

A User-friendly interface makes it simple to locate and utilize the necessary content-generation tools.

👍Real-time Google Ranking Recommendations:

Receive instant suggestions to enhance your content and boost Google rankings.

👍Time and Effort Savings:

Cut down on research time and alleviate writer’s block for a more efficient content creation process.

Cons of WpAutoBlog Ai Writer

👎Limited Information on Pricing:

Clear pricing details are lacking, making it challenging for users to assess potential budget considerations

Pricing: Texta Ai Lifetime Deal

There ia only one unlimited words plan available.

Plan 1: $69 per month, 1 user seat, unlimited words per month

FAQ- Most Asked Question on Best Ai Writing Tools

What are Ai content writing tools?

AI copywriting is essentially computer-generated writing created using natural language processing tools. First, you decide what you want to write about and the type of content you need. This could be anything from a blog post to a short ad.  

Which AI tool is best for content writing?

Scalenut: Best for SEO Optimized Writing.
Writecream: Best for Beginners to Advanced users.

Are AI writing tools useful?

Yes, using in right way they are extremally useful. One of the main benefits of AI writing tools is their ability to save time and increase efficiency.

They can help writers quickly generate ideas, draft outlines, and even write entire articles or reports in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually.

Additionally, AI writing tools can help improve the quality and accuracy of written content by identifying errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax. They can also suggest alternative phrasing or word choices to make written content more engaging and effective.

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