Here’s the list of best ai writing tools for content writers in 2023

If you’re a content writer, you know that coming up with fresh ideas and new perspectives can be difficult. But did you know that there are Ai copywriting tools that can help you with that?

With the help of ai writing tools, writers can now create original and plagiarism-free content within minutes. Such AI writing tools are really proving to be a blessing for writers, as they are getting their work done on time and producing quality article for their audiences.


How Ai writing softwares helpful to content writers? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing softwares are becoming more and more popular as tools to help content writers. But what exactly are they and how do they work?

In simple terms, AI writing software is a program that uses algorithms to help you write better. The software looks at what you’ve written and makes suggestions on how to improve it. This can be anything from choosing better words to using a more active voice.

AI writing software can be a great help for writers, especially if you’re struggling with writer’s block or just need a little bit of extra help to polish your work.

One of the best things about AI writing software is that it’s always learning and evolving. As you use it, the software gets better at understanding your writing style and making suggestions that are tailored to you.

If you’re thinking of using AI writing software, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to choose a software that’s right for you. There are a lot of different AI writing softwares on the market, so it’s important to find one that fits your needs.

second, remember that AI writing software is just a tool. It’s not a replacement for your own creativity and knowledge. The best content is still going to come from you, not from a machine.

In this blog post, we’ll show you the 9 best AI writing tools for writers.  

Here are the 11 Best Ai Writing Tools for content writers (2023 ranked)

1. Frase – Best SurferSEO Alternative

Best Ai writing tools

Frase is an SEO and Content Optimizing Tool, which helps you write rank able Seo content using it’s a.i and briefs.

And once you’ve written the post, This SEO Tool helps take it to the next level with AI-powered assistant and SEO optimization. The built-in editor identifies topic gaps, as well as other opportunities for improvement.

Frase tells you where you need to focus your article, quickly generates detailed briefs, then helps you optimize material for articles that your audience actually wants to read.


  • Advanced SEO Optimizing tool.
  • Best Alternative to: Serf SEO, Marketmuse, SimilarContent Pro and Writerzen
  • Generate well-researched briefs in few seconds, plus use AI optimization to boost your search rankings
  • Best for: Writers, Bloggers, Marketers, Freelancers, SEO experts, and SEO Agencies.
  • WordPress, mailchimp, screamfrog, google doc integration available.
  • There also a free trial availble for frase.

Frase Pros & Cons


  • Improves SEO and generates a good post idea with a short time
  • Topic Briefs- Gives the ability to search the internet for very specific information
  • Sharable links can be easily shared with team members
  • Question research is very helpful in judging for what topic to write on
  • Curation provides structure to write quality post


  • Didn’t find any specific one to mention here


Frase Pricing: Cost and Pricing plans

Basic: $44.99/mon for 1 user, 30 documents credit

Team: $114.99/mon for 3 users, unlimited document credits

Enterprise: Unliited users and all features access

2. Scalenut – Best Quality A.i Writer with SEO Optimization

The List of Best AI Copywriting Tools & Their Features

Just like Frase, Scalenut is one of the best Ai writers combined with SEO/Content optimization features. In fact it’s writer content quality better than Jasper. 

Scalenut’s Content Intelligence, GPT 3.5 + in house developed language model helps their users to powerup the content research with it’s ai and seo assistant.

Recently they have integrated with SEMrush, it makes it more amazing compared to others.

Key Features:

  • Begin with a single term and receive extensive reports chock-full of useful information. SEO Assistant helps you plan material that will rank by using its knowledge of important terms, h tags, readability, and intent.
  • Get winning content ideas and copy from AI.
  • With AI Copywriter, you will get new and limitless content ideas at the touch of a button. It’s your obvious advantage, which extends to full blogs, marketing copy, email headers, ad copy, social media postings, and various other content formats.
  • With the SEO Assistant’s intelligent editor, make sure everything is in order, from key terms and image density to pertinent questions and h tags, and generate winning content every time.
  • There’s also chrome extension available to work seamlessly.

Scalenut Pros & Cons


  • Great UI/UX
  • High-Quality Content (Output)
  • A lot of Copywriting templates
  • Google NLP (natural language processing)  feature is a good inclusion


  • Nothing to mention here, tool is consistent improving itself


Scalenut Review 2022 - Is It The Best AI Writing Tool? – Blogging QnA

Free: click here to get free scalenut account

Indiviual: $29/mon for 100,000 words, 5 SEO reports

Growth:$79/mon Unlimited words, 30 SEO reports

Pro: $149/mon Unlimited words, unlimited SEO reports and all access

3. Creaitor Ai – Unlimited words generation

Best Ai writing tools

Creaitor is an Artificial intelligence writing tool which lets you create SEO optimized blog posts, Emails, Product description, Ads copy and much more content types within few minutes. It has more 50+ ai assistants available for creating different content types.

Key Features:

  • Creaitor ai has 50+ (increasing every month) ai writer available for creating different type of content generation such as, blog posts, digital ads, social media , emails and more
  • Long form Editor – This section lets you generate all types of content in single editing panel like Google doc or wordpress post.
  • Creaitor AI platform lets users collaborate on creating content. You get assign log details and give different permissions to different people. This means that you can add your team members and clients on the same project without any worries.
  • Multi Language Translation-This feature along justify the pricing of this tool beacuse with the creaitor users can also translate their or others content into different laguages.

Creaitor ai Pros & cons


  • Creaitor’s UI & UX are super clean and easy to use
  • It generated content quality is good and satisfying
  • There are 50+ ai templates available to generate different content types
  • The more you use it’s A.i the better it gets
  • Plus there’s also Translation feature availble which translate content in 20 languages
  • Thos tool also offers a 3 days days free trial with 20,000 words generation to test out it’s ai content generator quality.


  • There is no in built Plagiarism checker


Creaitor ai is currently available on Appsumo lifetime deal with one time payment of $89 for unlimites word generation.

Lifetime Deal: $89/one time payment, unlimited words, 5 users

4. Jasper ai – Overall Best

When it comes about ai writing tools  , how Jasper ai can be left behind, infact it’s one of earliest ai writers which was introduced.

Jasper ai is a GPT-3.5 artificial intelligence-based ai writing tool, which can create Ads copy, long form posts, landing page copy, Social posts, Blog/E-com products descriptions, marketing emails and much more high converting content. 

Recently they have integrated with Surfer SEO using API.

Key Features:

  • Very helpful long-form content assistant.
  • Comes with game changer Boss Mode, Supports up to 30 different languages for content creation
  • Easy to use UI/UX.
  • Really useful content templates, especially AIDA, PAS, and content improver. 

Jasper ai Pros & Cons


  • 10,000 Free Credits on Singup, Click here to sign up free
  • Really useful content templates, especially AIDA, PAS, and content improver.
  • Very helpful long form content assistant.
  • Comes with game changer Boss Mode
  • Supports up to 30 different languages for content creation
  • Grammar fixer, content simplifier make things easier.
  • Jasper free version available with limited access


  • Not all of the content that is ai-generated is usable.
  • Users have to buy monthly or yearly price subscriptions. (biggest con compared to it’s competitors)
  • Prices are a little too high.


Jasper AI Pricing 2022: Picking The Best Plan For Your Needs - Inspired Life

Free: Officially their is no free plan, but you can get 10,000 Free Credits on Sing up, Click here to sign up free

Starter Plan: $24/mon for 20,000 words

Boss Mode: $49/mon for 50,000 words

5. Wordplay ai – Ture Long Form Writer

Best Ai content writing tools

Wordplay A.I writing tool allows you to create full-length 1,500+ word articles from a single keyword in just 1 click, no complicated process, no text selecting and no multiple clicks. All it takes your topic keyword and 1 click.

Plus, wordplay also lets you add subheadings for more control over the content relevancy that you want from A.i while generating the article. And this thing is only available in Wordplay.

Key Features:

  • Generate high-quality long-form articles in 1 click (first and only long from a.i writer)
  • Most simple user interface
  • Best alternative to Writesonic, Article forge
  • Add subheadings that you want A.i to cover in the article (not available in any other a.i writer)
  • Export content in any format Text or Html
  • WordPress plugin to import generated articles directly on your website
  • Best things, this ai tool on lifetime deal.

Wordplay ai Pros & Cons


  • Wordplay is the most simple A.i writer I’ve ever used
  • It is the first and only long-form a.i writer
  • Users can also add subheadings to have more control over A.i
  • Bulk creation mode available
  • WordPress plugin to import content directly on your website


  • No dedicated short for ai assistants
  • No inbuilt plagiarism checker, hope we see that in future


Wordplay ai is currently available on Appsumo lifetime deal with one time payment of $99 for 7500 words generation with 60 days money back guarantee.

Lifetime Deal: $89/one time payment

6. Aiseo – Ai writer with SEO optimization

Best Ai content writing tools

AiSEO is an ai writer + SEO and Content Optimizing Tool, that helps to write relevant content to easily optimize or create content for readers and search engines.

Generating and optimizing blog posts can be a difficult task and requires constant SEO maintenance.

AISEO provides a solution to this problem by creating, optimizing and rewriting content for your blog. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while we handle the tedious work.

It’s writing assistant let you generate an SEO optimized blog post with a couple of clicks. The long-form assistant generates a paragraph with just one click, which makes your workflow amazingly fast.

AISEO – AI writing assistant, AI Copywriting & Content Generator’s assistant also improves the readability of your blog with one click according to Hemmingway style.

Plus, you can also optimize, improve, rewrite and summarize blog posts all in one place.

Key Features:

  • Blog post generator – Writing quality articles at a rapid rate is now easier than ever before! With this tool, A.i can write your articles. No need to hire writers or pay editors anymore!
  • SERP Section – To write optimized content, it’s important to analyze the top-ranking articles for a search query using the SERP sections tool. You can pull all the SERPs right into the long-form editor and build comprehensive content by analyzing the sub-topics your competitors have covered.
  • Outline builder – AISEO helps you create an outline of your article quickly. You can use this feature to get a bird’s-eye view of the SERPs and see what keywords are driving traffic to your site.
  • AI Draft – AISEO can write the article from the outline in 1 click with the help of the powerful AI Draft feature.
  • NLP terms – AISEO uses Google NLP to find the keywords that you can use in your article to better target the search intent. You also let the AI write a sentence containing any NLP terms you want.
  • Auto Suggest- Generate high-quality content that is optimized for SEO. Aiseo Auto-suggest keywords for short-form content and Include the most important keywords in the copy.
  • Custom Templates – With the help of Custom Template, you can create your own unique templates that can be used to write any kind of content you want. You can also share them with other users.

AiSEO Pros & Cons


  • Long form ai content writing assistant
  • Serp competition overview
  • Copywriting templates
  • Easy to access UX


  • No features for team members/writing collaboration
  • No integration with WordPress


AISEO Review [2022] How To Create SEO Optimized Content With AI

Free: There’s a free plan which will give you 3 days unlimited words and after that 500 words each forever. But you will not get access to other useful features such as SEO reports. Click here to signup free

Grow: $19/mon for 50,000 words with access to all feature

Scale: $34/mon for unlimited words

7. Bramework

Best Ai content writing tools

Bramework is an a.i writing tool based on GPT-3, which generate content on short as well as long-form formats for making content writing an easy task.

This tool lets you find trends, phrases, and even common questions that people are searching for online with just a click of button.

Plus, using Bramework you can also do keyword research and see keyword’s volume, competition, difficulty, trends, and more.

Key Features:

  • A.i Writing Assiatant – With Bramework, you can create blog posts in half the amount of time by inputting some keyword information and letting the writing assistant take care of everything.
  • Keyword Research – Bramework provides comprehensive information about keywords. With this tool, I can easily find out how many times my keywords were searched in Google or Bing.
  • Blog Outline Generator -To make things even easier, this section let you generate blog post outlines in a flash
  • Blog Title Generator -Your blog posts’ titles are generated automatically by the tool.
  • Website Keyword Ranking Tool – This NEW FEATURE will allow you to see how well your article is doing with daily ranking updates after you hit publish!

Bramework Pros & Cons


  • Bramework has an easy-to-use UI/UX, with categorized tools
  • In-built keyword research tool is very useful
  • Writing assistant show keywords show SEO insights, related Keyword to use
  • Blog post outliner analyze the topic and automatically generates outlines


  • Sometimes generated content is not relevant otherwise everything is good


9 Best AI Novel Writing Software of 2022 (Ranked & Reviewed)

Basic: $19/mon for 10,000 words

Starter: $49/mon for 40,000 words

Professional: $79/mon for 100,000 words

Agency: $199/mon for unliited words

8. PepperType

Best Ai writers is an artificial intelligence writing assistant that can help you write your content.

It’s a great tool based on GPT-3 & Open A.i and uses NLP to generate human-like relevant results for your entered topic. 

You can use it to write blog posts, articles, ad copies, quora answers or even ebooks. With Peppertype AI, you can get more out of your writing while saving time and effort. 


  • Generating engaging content that performs well in Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social networks. 
  • A.i writing assistant with advanced quality filters that check grammar, plagiarism, relevancy. 
  • Choose from over 40 different types included with, including ad copy, social captions, blog outlines and website copy. 
  • You can also generate long form content such as blog posts 

Peppertypr Pros & Cons


  • Peppertype has an easy-to-use UI/UX, with categorized tools
  • Over 35+ content objectives to choose
  • Peppertype generates tons of quality content for me in a matter of seconds.


  • Sometimes generated content is not relevant that spends credits, otherwise, everything is good

Pricing Pricing: Cost and Pricing plans

Free: There is no officially free plan but if you use our link to sign up, you will get 10,000 words free account.

Starter: $35/mon for unlimited words, 1 user

Growth: $199/mon for 5 users

9. Rytr – Best & Most Affordable

Rytr Lifetime Deal & Review [$39] - Best AI Writer For Everything

One of the best Ai writing software, Rytr is an AI-powered writing saas tool that helps users generate high-quality content, in just a few seconds. With the help of Rytr, you can create in 20+ Tones and 50+ Languages. 

In a short time, Rytr become one of the best AI content writers around rated (4.9/5), TrustPilot (4.7/5), G2 (4.9/5)  as per AppSumo. 


  • Fancy rich-text editor to generate and edit content in one place. Making it easier to write long-form content such as blog posts, essays, articles, and more.
  • Browser extension that follows you everywhere you go (just like Grammarly!)
  • Improving/fine-tuning AI model to boost accuracy and output quality
  • Exclusive content types (reviews creator & responder, sentence expander & summarizer, resume builder)
  •  4 new text editing use cases – append, rephrase, shorten, and expand
  •  Doc-style workflow to manage & organize content seamlessly
  • Use Dall-E to auto-embed images in the content
  • Analyze existing content from an SEO standpoint and suggest areas for improvement
  •  Control over generations to better manage your credit consumption
  •  Tutorial videos to get a better idea of the workings of the platform
  •  Added support for 15+ major languages
  • Plugins/widgets that work on your favourite platforms (e.g WordPress)

Rytr Pros & Cons


  • Great UI/UX
  • Chrome Extension support
  • High-Quality Content (Output)
  • Generated Content is related to the entered words
  • A lot of Copywriting templates
  • Rated Best A.i writing Tool by major platforms in short time
  • Image generation feature is helpful while writing content


  • Doesn’t found anything really bad about this tool


Rytr Review [2022] Features / Pricing / Alternative

Free: Get 5000 characters every month, Click here to sign up free

Saver: $9/mon for 50,000 characters

Unlimited: $29/mon for unlimited generation

10. Writecream

Writecream is an A.I powered content writing tool (consisting 30+ tools) for copywriting needs such as – ads, product descriptions/reviews, blogs, social media content.

Plus, users can also use it for their outbound marketing campaign & outreach like cold emails, LinkedIn InMails, backlinks, etc. 

After 2023 update writecream introduced ChatGpt like feature – Chatgenie.


  • Personalized Intros– Cold Emails, LinkedIn Outreach, Pitch an Angel, Backlink Campaigns, Domain Purchase outreach
  • Digital Ads Copy- Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, more coming soon
  • Articles & Blogs- Blog Ideas, Intros & Outlines, Blog Heading Expander, Blog Conclusion, Compelling Bullet Points, Article Summaries
  • Website Copy- Website Tiles & Headlines, Website Sub-Headlines, Feature to Benefit, Headers, SEO Meta Descriptions
  • Social Media- Social Media Post Captions, Engaging Social Media Posts, YouTube Video Topic Ideas, Product Reviews, Quora Answer Assist
  • eCommerce Copywriting- Product Descriptions, Pain-Agitate-Solution, AIDA, Before-After-Bridge, Value Proposition

Writecream Pros & Cons


  • Writecream has an easy-to-use UI/UX, with more than 30 copy+content+outreach caterized tools
  • Multi-language voice covers recording
  • WriteCream is highly focused on personalised content, just enter url of site/linkedin and it generates many good outreach contents.
  • Support team are very fast
  • Very effective results for backlinks outreach


  • Everything is OK with this tool, haven’t found any issues. Developers improving every problem they founding.


Writecream ai is currently available on Appsumo lifetime deal with one time payment of $59 for 200 credits per month (~ 400,000 characters) generation with 60 days money back gurtantee.

Lifetime Deal: $59/one time payment

11. Writerzen

Best Ai writers

Along with machine learning Ai writer, WriterZen is also an SEO and Content Optimizing Tool, that explores precise keywords, accurate topics, and relevant content references to easily optimize or create content for readers and search engines.

It is highly built around it’s three core features,

  1. Topic Discovery,
  2. Content Creator
  3. and Keyword Explorer


  • Topic Research Algorithm generates content ideas displayed simply in four distinct categories called Cards, Explorer, Overview and Mindmap. 
  • Content Creator tool makes easy, tracking and collaboration between sections and shows optimized recommendations for particular keyword 
  • Keyword Explorer module finds the right keywords relevant to your content. 
  • Writerzen’s Auto Clustering feature uses an algorithm to find the perfect set of keywords for any topic you desire.

Writerzen Pros and Cons


  • Keyword Research
  • Content Briefing
  • Golden keywords Filtering
  • Keyword Cluster
  • Topic Research Algorithm


  • UI is a little complicated, needs to watch tutorials to understand many things
  • No features for team members/writing collaboration
  • No integration with WordPress


Basic: $39/mon

Standard: $59/mon

Advanced: $99/mon

Ai writer addon: $99/mon for unlimited words generation

FAQ- Most Asked Question on Best Ai Writing Tools

What are Ai content writing tools?

AI copywriting is essentially computer-generated writing created using natural language processing tools. First, you decide what you want to write about and the type of content you need. This could be anything from a blog post to a short ad.  

Which AI tool is best for content writing?

Scalenut: Best for SEO Optimized Writing.
Writecream: Best for Beginners to Advanced users.

Are AI writing tools useful?

Yes, using in right way they are extremally useful. One of the main benefits of AI writing tools is their ability to save time and increase efficiency.

They can help writers quickly generate ideas, draft outlines, and even write entire articles or reports in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually.

Additionally, AI writing tools can help improve the quality and accuracy of written content by identifying errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax. They can also suggest alternative phrasing or word choices to make written content more engaging and effective.

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