In today’s post, you will gain insights on Top 10 Best Lifetime Email Marketing tools, which can help in creating meaningful email campaigns that deliver better engagement yet don’t need to pay monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Believe me, these lifetime email marketing tools help you to easily integrate personalized marketing emails and newsletters without any coding knowledge, and automation. 

You must have noticed, in your inbox, that there is always one email that grabs your attention, sparks interest, and demands action. That is the power of effective email marketing. 

We are going to cover topics such as:

  • In-built sign-up forms.
  • AI-powered toolkits.
  • Automated email sequences.
  • Strong email deliverability.
  • And how to grow your business with these Lifetime Email Marketing Tools

Let’s gear up and supercharge your deliverability rates, and ensure responsive emails.

List of Best Lifetime Email Marketing Tools (July 2024)

Lifetime Email ToolsDescriptionDeal
SendfoxSimplified email marketing for content creatorsCheck LTD
Gozen GrowthEmail marketing platform with automation featuresCheck LTD
Reachinbox AiAI-powered tool for cold email outreach and automationsCheck LTD
Recoon Email VerifierEmail verification tool for maintaining clean email listsCheck LTD
Email List ValidationService for validating and cleaning email listsCheck LTD
EmaileeEmail marketing solution with analytics and segmentationCheck LTD
CardClanPlatform for personalized email campaigns and trackingCheck LTD
MailmeteorEmail outreach tool with mail merge and trackingCheck LTD
GumbaMailEmail marketing software for businesses of all sizesCheck LTD
Mail WarmTool for warming up email accounts and improving deliverabilityCheck LTD
Table of Lifetime Email Marketing Tools

Best Lifetime Email Marketing Tools (2024)

Senfox – Email marketing for content creators

SendFox is an affordable email marketing tool for bloggers, podcasters, marketers and other content creators that lets you set up your own email campaigns, schedule, and automate.them.

SendFox - Best Lifetime Email Marketing Tools

Appsumo’s founder Noah mentions they created Sendfox to cut down their expenses on email marketing campaigns that they are running via other email marketing tools. As we know it costs a lot.

But now thankfully, with their email marketing tool, you can get SendFox lifetime deal in just 49$.

If you’re looking for an affordable email marketing solution that lets you set up email automation, send drip campaigns, and create landing pages, SendFox is the best Appsumo lifetime deal for email marketing.

With SendFox, you can easily create beautiful email newsletters, automated email sequences, and landing pages that convert.

Plus, SendFox integrates with a variety of third-party tools, so you can use it to its full potential.

Get Sendfox Lifetime Deal for just $49 one-time payment

Sendfox is Best Alternative to: Mailchimp, Convertkit and Active Campaign.

Normal Price: $240

Appsumo Price: $49 (Lifetime Deal)

Gozen Growth – Email Marketing with automation features

Gozen growth - Best Lifetime Email Marketing Tools

GoZen Growth provides a 3 in marketing platform – Email Marketing, Cold Outreach with email warmup & Push notification. 

It simplifies the creation of email marketing campaigns which are focused on reaching the right people and tracking engagement metrics – everything you need to give your business a boost. 

Whether you are a blogger, e-commerce, SaaS, or early-stage startup, GoZen Growth is devoted to helping you grow your business through individualized yet automated email outreach. It allows for fine-tuning deliverability, timeline setup, and statistics management. 

Get Sendfox Lifetime Deal for just $59 one-time payment

Normal Price: $708

Appsumo Price: $59 (Lifetime Deal)

Reachinbox Ai – AI-powered tool for cold email outreach

Reachinbox - Best Lifetime Cold Email Marketing Tool

Reachinbox is an alternative to Lemlist, Instantly, and Manyreach. Two of its prominent features include generating emails sequences with AI and an Unified inbox.

You can connect multiple email accounts and help enhance deliverability with unlimited warm-ups. 

It helps generate conversion-focused emails and streamline your lead responses. The tool is the ultimate choice for marketing agencies, sales managers, and solopreneurs.

This AI-powered cold email marketing platform helps you drive more leads and grow your business. It lets you curate engaging outreach messages and will scroll your email against metrics such as reading time and spam word count. 

You can now set up multistep email sequences while also customizing your email signature. 

Reachinbox Lifetime Deal starts from $59.

Normal Price: $468

Appsumo Price: $59 (Lifetime Deal)

Reoon Email Verifier – Email verification tool for email lists

Reoon - Best Lifetime Email Marketing Tool for email list verification

It’s a perfect email verification tool to simplify verifying and validating your subscribers’ list without sending any email. It is best for marketers, marketing agencies, and small businesses.

It can be used as an alternative to and ZeroBounce. Two of its prominent features include being GDPR-compliant and having AI.

Recoon Email Verifier provides two different kinds of verification credits. One is Lifetime Credits in which the credits never expire, and you can use them whenever you want or keep them however long you wish to. 

Another kind is Daily Credits in which the credits get renewed or reset every day for as long as subscribed. When both credits are available, daily credits will be used first. 

Their single email verification allows you to verify an email address quickly from the dashboard itself. 

Reoon email verifier Lifetime Deal starts from $79.

Normal Price: $418.50

Appsumo Price: $79 (Lifetime Deal)

Email List Validation – Tool for validating and cleaning email lists

Best Lifetime Email Marketing Tools

One of the best ways to clean your mail lists is by using Email List Validation and getting rid of unwanted accounts. It is also used as an alternative to ZeroBounce and NeverBounce. 

Known to be the ultimate choice of marketers, it integrates ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and SendGrid. 

The tool ensures your emails are landing in the right inbox with powerful encryption to protect user data and is GDPR-compliant. 

It also allows you to upload lists to the platform and use CRM integrations to import your lists.

Now you can filter the emails right from the signup boxes with their API verification and generate custom reports to showcase the percentage of your emails that are getting through.

Email List Validation Lifetime Deal starts from $59.

Normal Price: $1099

Appsumo Price: $59 (Lifetime Deal)

Emailee – Email Marketing solution with analytics & segmentation

Emailee- Email marketing tool with lifetime deal

Emailee platform is perfect for solopreneurs and freelancers to generate a catchy branded email signature and make it your new marketing asset. 

It allows integrations with Gmail and Google Workspace. The two major features of this email marketing software are it being GDPR-compliant and has a White Label.

The tool can create 60+ professionally crafted templates that are beyond the traditional limitations of HTML.

Make your brand memorable by streamlining signature setup with enhanced field customization and Advanced Call-to-Action (CTA) banners.

Emailee Lifetime Deal starts from $19.

Appsumo Price: $19 (Lifetime Deal)

CarcClan – Tool for personalized email campaigns and tracking

cardclan - Email marketing tool with lifetime deal

CardClan is a helpful tool to design and personalize digital greeting cards for multiple occasions. It is great software for curating various white-labeled workspaces and collaborating on group cards.

It integrates Pabbly Connect and Zapier and is also an alternative to ActiveCampaign, Acuity Scheduling, and SendGrid. It includes a White Label and is also GDPR-compliant.

Now you can make meaningful connections with your customers, colleagues, and community members with customized cards sent to their inboxes. 

It also allows you to add images, messages, visual effects, and a preview option. It has scheduling features and a simple drag-and-drop interface to seamlessly send a card in bulk to a list of recipients. 

Additionally, you can track card delivery from the dashboard and collaborate on group cards as well.

The tool excellently helps you manage different brands using multiple workspaces and white-label them with custom themes and domains. 

Mailmeteror – Email outreach tool with Gmail merge and tracking

mailmeteor - Email marketing tool with lifetime deal

Mailmeteor makes for an amazing email automation platform to email multiple recipients at once without them knowing. It makes your recipients feel important and maximizes email deliverability. 

It is perfectly designed to respect your privacy and needs minimal permissions to run. Best for event organizers, marketers, and sales managers, it provides an amazing alternative to Lemlist, Mailchimp, and MailerLite. 

The two major features of this email service also comprise being GDPR-compliant and having a White Label.

Grab the lifetime deal of this best-rated add-on of the Google Workspace Marketplace, making mass personalized email sending effortless and efficient.

Mailmeteror Lifetime Deal starts from $59.

Normal Price: $199

Appsumo Price: $99 (Lifetime Deal)

Gumbamail – Bulk Gmail marketing software for all businesses

Email marketing tool with lifetime deal

A simple and powerful solution for launching impactful automated email campaigns and sending emails in bulk directly from Gmail. 

Perfect for marketing agencies, small businesses, and solopreneurs, it helps create customized and stunning email templates without HTML knowledge. 

This mail merger Chrome extension can personalize and send powerful promotions, offers, news, and other content from its own system. 

The system manages it all and also gives you an in-built editor to design responsive emails aligning with your brand image. Explore from more than 250 professional templates!

It also lets you easily import your subscribers’ list from a .csv file, Google Drive spreadsheet, or Gmail contact groups. 

Furthermore, GumbaMail allows Mail Merge to send personalized emails in one go and check analytics and reporting in real time. 

Gumbamail Lifetime Deal starts from $29.

Normal Price: $192

Appsumo Price: $29 (Lifetime Deal)

Mail Warm – warming up email accounts and improving deliverability

Email marketing tool with lifetime deal

This amazing tool makes sure that your email is seen by real recipients and not bots. It increases the chance of your emails landing in inboxes instead of your customer’s spam folders. 

You can now easily integrate 10+ service providers such as Google, Outlook, or SMTP, get your email reputation and deliverability up, and maintain a better relationship. 

Make the best out of your marketing by improving the amount of sales you can make with your outreach campaigns and inbox rate. 

Enhance the quality of your emails by securing them using Mail Warm and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of the information being exchanged.

How profitable is email marketing?

Powerful email marketing generates about an average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. If combined with an email marketing service employing amazing software deals, its marketing solution through curating captivating emails navigates a large number of customers to the business’s landing pages.

Thus, you’ll be able to build an eye-catching notification in your customer’s inbox. 

Best Email Marketing Lifetime ToolSendfox

What email should I use for email marketing?

Always opt for a professional email address that is associated with your domain instead of using your personal email addresses such as Gmail or Yahoo. For example, if your domain name is AppSumo then the email could be

Should you use Gmail for email marketing?

It is always recommended to go with a dedicated marketing platform or service because there are certain limitations in sending out bulk emails using Gmail. And manually sending bulk emails is not recommended.

But you can use a Gmail merger tool to send bulk emails without being spammy.

Here is the Best Email Marketing Tool with GmailMailmeteror

What are some best practices for email marketing?

Email marketing software lets you send personalized emails, assists in automation, creates engaging subject lines and content, and regularly cleans up and helps update your choices in the email list.

As a sender, a reliable email marketing tool also lets you set an engaging template like a welcome email that reduces a consumer’s exit intent.

It is also important to remove inactive subscribers, verify email addresses, and re-engage subscribers through targeted and automated campaigns. 

Furthermore, incorporate regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM to maintain data privacy and prevent any legal issues.

Best Email Verification ToolReoon Email Verifier

How to keep your email list clean and up to date?

There are easy steps to employ to keep your email list clean. Always make it a habit to remove inactive subscribers who haven’t engaged with your emails over a long period.

Use a double opt-in process so that your subscribers can confirm and verify their email addresses via a link sent to their inbox. 

You can also segment your email list based on purchase history, engagement level, and demographics. 

Monitor your bounce rate and re-engage inactive subscribers with targeted campaigns such as exclusive content of their liking. 

Recommended Email Validation Tool Email List Validation

Final Words – Best Lifetime Email Marketing Tools

Leveraging the advantage of lifetime deals offered by email marketing software can be a strategic investment to maximize a business’s marketing efforts. This one-time purchase can prove to be a cost-efficient solution and use the resources towards other areas of growth.

The tools offer a variety of features such as customizing emails and newsletters and creating eye-catching content and headers, segmentation, analytics, and engaging email campaigns. 

As appealing as these email lifetime deals are, it is also important to choose the right tool that aligns with your business and optimizes its marketing efforts, drives in audience, and achieves long-term success. 

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