Searching for best keyword research tools for rank higher and get more traffic. Here are the list of best 5 keyword research tools with lifetime deals.

These tools have been carefully selected to assist you in finding keywords that are simple to rank for major search engines, especially Google. 

These lifetime best keyword research tools of the year are your ticket to improving your online visibility and beating the competition, regardless of your level of experience with SEO.

What is Keyword Research in SEO?

Keywords are terms and phrases used to create and develop online content. They are also commonly referred to as SEO keywords.

From the viewpoint of the prospective client, these are terms typed into the search field that most accurately represent the goods or services they’re after or the query they hope to have answered.

For the marketer, the relevant keywords you thoughtfully select to incorporate into your content tell search engines directly about it on your web pages, giving them the means to rank and recommend your website.

When we talk about Best SEO tools for keyword research, it involves thorough identification and analysis of the particular words and phrases that you entered into the search engines while seeking information, products, or services.

The ultimate aim is to gain insights and comprehend the language and terms used by your desired audience.

This understanding enables you to fine-tune and optimize your website’s content to align with your target demographic’s preferences and wanted search results.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

The keywords on our website are like your brand’s trademark dance moves—they convey to potential customers or target audience, what your company stands for and what you sell.

The exciting twist is that your website will appear higher in Google’s search results the better and more brilliant your keywords are! As you rise in the ranks, more individuals follow suit, visiting your website and increasing traffic.

It’s completely worth it to go for those top spots even if you’re not the ultimate dance floor champion. As more and more people start dancing online, your prominent position on the results page gradually attracts clicks.

These tools can help give a list of keywords and keyword phrases prominent in different search engines like Google, by analyzing the SEO metrics involved in social media marketing as well.

Best Keyword Research Tools with Lifetime Deals 

We have made it our job as SEO experts to help you find the right keywords available and make informed decisions. Based on users looking for the best search engine rankings, we have curated a list of tools available that are also budget-friendly.

All these Lifetime Deals available on appsumo. But can be ended anytime.

1. RankAtom – Keyword Research & Rank Tracking

RankAtom keyword research tool

Rankatom is a user-friendly, yet advanced keyword research tool. Rankatom has some unique features like Keyword Rank Tracking and Competitor Analysis.

It is founded in June 2023 by Krishna Anubhav, Entrepreneur. Rank atom has a Keyword Filter system like Ahrefs or Semrush, which will make your job super easier to find keywords.

Read Detailed RankAtom Review here.


you will get all premium features of rankatom including,

  • BERT analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Rank tracker
  • SERP Competitor Analysis
  • 90 days report storage
  • Intent-based filtering
  • Keyword clustering
  • Data insights
  • Visual progress tracker


Rankatom LTD plans starts from just $39 for 3000 KW research credits.

2. Keyword Discovery – Best for SERP Competitor & PPC Ads

Keyword Discovery lifetime deal

Keyword Discovery is an AI Driven Keyword Research Tool designed to enable you to keep ahead of your Google keyword competition.

With keywordfinder feature, you can broaden your keyword reach or target only the keywords that matter most to your targets.

Keyword discovery takes keyword research to another level. In the world of SEO keyword research is one of the more important aspects of a successful strategy, and provides all the tools one would need.

With a full comprehensive keyword difficulty score looking at the InTitle, InURL, Page/Site Focus, DA, Backlinks, and more there is no more guessing, you will know exactly which keywords to choose and which ones to pass on.


  • Detailed Keyword Difficulty Score: Learn more, such as InTitle, InURL, Page/Site Focus, DA, Backlinks and more.
  • Advanced AI-Driven Keyword Research: Get better results with your SEO strategy by identifying high value, low competition keywords with cutting-edge AI.
  • Page with KeywordSpy Optimization Generated Automagically: Make content creation a breeze, while meeting the latest standards and filters automatically.
  • On-Page SEO Boost: Improve your content rankings, let our advanced AI writer optimize the HTML, title tags, images, meta description, keywords, and more.
  • Stay Ahead with Advanced Transformers and Generative AI: Be one step ahead of Google’s algorithm updates with our generative AI.
  • AI Spy Feature: Discover hidden secrets, valuable content, and niche insights specific to your industry’s product
  • Project Organization: Create effortless projects to organize research in keyword research and on-page optimization.
  • Competitor Files Download: Get your competition’s files downloaded quickly and efficiently without hours of competitive on-page research with second


keyword discovery lifetime deal

Keyword Discovery Lifetime Deal starts from $49 with unlimited keywords idea.

3. Keyword Discovery – Best for SERP Competitor & PPC Ads

Keyword Discovery - Best for SERP Competitor & PPC Ads

Introducing KeywordPro – Easily find high traffic-generating keywords. It’s a magic wand for uncovering niche-specific gems that skyrocket your visibility smooth and easy.

And it comes in a beginner-friendly package, so SEO pros and newbies alike have no problem using it. Now save and use your keywords in your content strategy – KeywordPro is the go-to tool for the junior and the guru.

How does KeywordPro work?

It’s easy peasy:

1. Register for your free access to KeywordPro’s world of keywords.

2. Type a keyword. Explore keywords about your topic, uncovering tons of on-point suggestions right away.

3. Save. Hold onto that list of keywords you love, slapping them right into your content strategy without breaking stride.

KeywordPro makes keyword research the easiest it’s ever been, perfect at any level.


  • Lifetime Deal: For $49 you can get a lifetime unlimited subscription to fully unlock the potential of KeywordPro and be able to scrape and check as many keywords as you wish.
  • Keywords to Boost Traffic: Find keywords that will increase the amount of traffic to your online content. By harnessing the power of KeywordPro, you can instantly discover niche-specific keywords to help optimize your website for search engines.
  • Niche-Specific Keywords in a Second: Unearth niche-specific keywords in a snap.
  • Simple Content Strategy: Surge visibility with an uncomplicated content strategy.
  • Beginner’s Simple, Expert’s Powerful: Straightforward for beginners and incredibly powerful for SEO experts.
  • Fluid Export: Save and use chosen keywords without a sweat. For Anyone and Everyone: Regardless of if you’re a noob or pro, KeywordPro is the tool for you.
  • Painless Account Creation: Get started on your keyword express with a free account.
  • Instantaneous Keyword Research: Key in your main topic and discover countless relevant suggestions.
  • Slick Integration: Save or export keywords and seamlessly pop them into your content strategy.


Keywordpro lifetime deal

KeywordPro Lifetime Deal starts from $49 one time payment.

4. AdTargeting – Best for Facebook & Google Ad Campaigns

Keyword Discovery - Best for SERP Competitor & PPC Ads

The precision of audience targeting on Facebook and Google is overrated, which is making advertisers uncomfortable,” Mr. Krawczyk said. “It’s critically important to have a solid targeting tool.”

There is a new online tool out there known as AdTargeting.

AdTargeting can help your find important information about your audiences, keywords analysis and even help you to size up another industry advertisers’ strategies.

It helps to get a wider range of targeting options for you in analyzing interest targeting for Facebook and Google.


Check out what it brings you.

  • What you want to do is take the interests that you found on active Facebook pages and go after the same interests in the same locations as your competitors.
  • Find latent semantic keywords with Google. A good approach to identify competitor keywords is to identify keywords that perform well in the organic and paid search as well as give this websites a similar positioning strategy at a high level.
  • Conduct side-by-side comparisons of these keywords across various dimensions.
  • Identify competitor keywords for your own business, it may be a good idea to start with competitors and well as a few companies with high level of similarities. By spying on your competitors, you can see how they are doing in terms of ads, keywords, and features-products.
  • Improve accuracy of audience targeting. Both their Facebook and Google marketing efforts and continually improve their sales per visit and return on investment.
  • AdTamperingFix provides advertisers with software and support to understand these popular platforms and optimize their strategies by answering the aforementioned concerns of audience targeting.


adtargeting lifetime deal

Adtargeting lifetime deal has only one plan which will cost $89 for all the features.

5. KeywordCaddy – Cloud Keyword Research Tool

KeywordCaddy - Cloud Keyword Research Tool

Introducing KeywordCaddy- Your ultimate SEO assistant tool with a lifetime deal. Uncover competitor’s keyword strategy, streamline your SEO content creation and monitor your SERP results with the help of advanced AI.

KeywordCaddy is ahead of similar products by the access to power users with all the data they need to make well informed decisions, to be the backbone of your unique and SEO-optimized content creation.

It has 3 Core Features,

  1. Keyword Research Module: Gain essential SEO data, including keyword difficulty, backlinks to competitor pages and domains, monthly search volume, spam score, top-ranking URLs, and more.
  2. Content Writing Module with Theo, our AI Writer: Easily generate SEO-optimized articles by importing keywords, related keywords, and “People Also Ask” questions. Theo can assist in writing or be used to automate the SEO process.
  3. SERP Tracking Module: Monitor and track the performance of your work over time.

KeywordCaddy combines these three critical modules into a single SEO tool. Research competitive keywords, create content (with Theo’s assistance), and track SERP results seamlessly.

The Content Writing Module simplifies the writing process, offering pre-loaded keywords, related terms, and “People Also Ask” questions. Theo, the AI writer, adapts to your needs, allowing you to:

  • Generate SEO-optimized articles with specified subheaders, titles, tone, word count, and versions.
  • Create diverse written content by providing instructions for article outlines, subheaders, or even food recipes.
  • Use Theo for inspiration and guidance on various topics.

What’s more, KeywordCaddy stands out by letting you add keywords from other sources, giving you the flexibility to craft your own unique SEO content. With a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, KeywordCaddy is designed to be your all-in-one SEO solution.


keywordcaddy lifetime deal

Keywordcaddy Lifetime Deal offer 2 plans, starting from $59.

What are Lifetime Keyword Research Tools?

Alrighty let me tell you Why Lifetime Deals are Best, especially for Softwares?

Imagine that you’re on a mission sort of. Your mission is to take over the world of Search Engines. Well, these tools are your sidekicks! Helping you optimize your content game, and overall online presence.

They aren’t just about throwing SEO jargon into the mix here.

We’re talking, exactly how your content is ranking in comparison with the major volume of searches you so desperately think you should be crushing! We’re talking search volume analysis.

The tough play that helps us crush the competition. We’re also talking about how to go about simplifying things in the process. And finally, we’re talking about, riding the trend wave!

Is all this sounding a little more up your alley now?

But here’s what I think is the best part – option to buy it all at once and have it for life. No more forking moola over every month. It’s like a budget Jackpot that lasts forever – or for two years which might as well be!

That’s right folks, these are lifetime keyword research tools. So if you’re into budget but content domination is on your to-do, then these lifetime keyword research tools are your winner winner chicken dinner.

How Lifetime KW Tools will Help you find easy-to-rank keywords?

Lifelong keyword research tools, are you ready to start an exciting trip that can reveal low-search-volume keywords to make your life as blogger effortless.

Detective Mode for Extensive Examination:

Picture this: your keyword tools are like keyword investigators… they put on their magnification glasses and start diving deep, uncovering patterns, search volumes, competitiveness and uncover those elusive keywords that just have the perfect blend of low competition and high searches – like finding lost treasure!

Competitive Spying:

Unveiling Sneaky Techniques – Let’s get you equipped with some sneaky tools to play Sherlock on your competition.

Have you ever wondered what all keywords your competition is after?

LIFETIME Keyword tools will open up those secrets. Also know some mistakes they do and you can win an upper hand by targeting those keywords: Keywords that you might have missed due to some mistakes that the competition did on mentioning little or big.

Trendy Radar:

Ride the Wave! Imagine your surfboard sitting on top of keywords that are currently trending. You would be the awesome surfer riding the current of your lifetime keyword tools.

You can totally surf the newest ideas and concepts so ride that wave because if you do, your site will SOAR!

A User Friendly Guidance:

How to seamlessly travel the SEO Jungle without a Map, When you first start to look up information regarding SEO it can be rather difficult to navigate your way through the vast amount of information contained within the various training materials on the subject.

However, by using any of the friendly interfaces of some of the keyword tools out there, you can make navigating the often overwhelming amount of SEO mumbo-jumbo an enjoyable journey.

Keywords that are a snap to rank for are quite literally at your fingertips, so you don’t even need to pack a survival guide.

Magical Updates:

Stay Up on the Latest like the Wizard’s Spellbook – Just like the spellbook records information, these tools provide live record of information provided.

Why let the statistics and figures to your tools go out of date?

Make sure you have the most recent information in your box of tools to keep your knowledge up and running at full power. Keep up the Strength as Well as the Knowledge!


You get a one-time purchase instead of the monthly kingdom. It’s like an adventure with an ever-increasing return of romanizing keywords.

With these tools, one of the things we try to do is help people find easy-to-rank phrases in the SEO space.

Benefits of using Lifetime Keyword Research Tools

Experience the Unmatched Advantages of Lifetime Keyword Research Tools— the necessary essentials for those who want the finest of what Keyword Tracking can offer.

When you think of the best set of tools to give your Keyword game the boost that it needs, these tools will be it. These tools are capable of giving you results, more than just an ability to view.

Not only will you be able to view Insights but you will also be able to find profitable and relevant keywords for your article.

  1. Save Costs: By purchasing Lifetime Access of keyword research tools, you will be able to remove monthly fees, which will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  2. Price Stability: You will have peace of mind knowing that you are a lifelong customer of keyword research tools so even if there may be price increases in the future, you will not be affected because of your lifetime purchase.
  3. Free Future Upgrades: You will never have to pay for an upgrade again as a lifetime customer and you will be happy to know that it will always be updated, because as the years pass by, it will become more current, more accurate and more effective.
  4. Feature Inclusive: Can you believe as a lifetime customer, you will be guaranteed to have access to upcoming future features? At the same time, this will also help improve the value of your purchase.
  5. Priority Assistance: Generally, as a customer, you should receive priority support but as a lifetime customer, that support should be fast, so, that you are guaranteed a immediate response and a smooth experience every time.

Conclusion – Lifetime Keyword Research Tools Worth or Not?

Finally, the question of whether Lifetime Keyword Research Tools are worth it lies in whether or not you want the best.

If you are someone who values stability and perceive a need for consistent keyword research in the long-run, then perhaps a lifetime deal might be a good investment for you. In contrast, if you prefer flexibility, consistent updates, and the ability to adapt to current trend, then a subscription-based model would be more ideal for you.

However, for anyone who subscribes to the mindset that change is an absolute constant, I must express that there really isn’t a one size fits all. Allow me to explain.

Each person will need to strike a balance between tool features, usability, and alignment with your SEO objectives.

Before you decide to invest in a lifetime keyword research tool, you must evaluate its capabilities, assess future developments, and measure the usefulness to your requirements.

FAQ – Most Asked Questions for Lifetime KW Research Tools

Are keywords still used in SEO?

Yes, keywords are still used in SEO. Keywords are a critical component of search engine optimization (SEO) as they help search engines understand and categorize the content of a website.
By using relevant keywords in website content, meta tags, and other SEO elements, businesses can increase their chances of ranking higher in search engine results pages.
While keyword stuffing is no longer an effective tactic, using well-researched and strategically placed keywords is still important for SEO success. 

How do I find winning keywords?

You can use the kw tools listed in article to find easy to rank winning keywords.

Which tool helps you find keywords?

Personally I use Rankatom and Neuronwriter. Rankatom helps me find best keywords and Neuron Writer let me create optimized post with SERP analysis. for both I have LTD.

Are lifetime deals worth it?

Yes totally worth it while saving the money we got lifetime access for best saas tools.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan on a lifetime deal?

Ah, it’s a tricky question while most of the lifetime deals offer stacking (upgrade to higher plan). Some tools only offer current plan for LTD and for upgrading they require subscription.

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