Are you a Marketer, entrepreneur, ecommerce or small business owner and Searching for Best Saas Lifetime Deals, but confused between Dealify vs Appsumo vs Pitchground?

Just read this comparison and you will know everything like differences, which care about their customers most and which one is really the best platform for lifetime deals.

I will also talk about their features, benefits, pros & cons, money-back refund policy, customer reviews and ratings.



So let get started!

If you are in hurry and want to know the comparison winner, here’s the quick decision summary for you.

The first major difference between Appsumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify is that Appsumo offers more variety of software lifetime deals with better pricing, value to money and customer support.

While Pitchground and Dealify are also very popular platforms with really good lifetime access plans but their pricing and customer support is different compared to appsumo. Plus their are still many differences which I will talk about below in post.

Second, Appsumo introduce latest deals fast (almost every week) compared to dealify or picthgroud.

Third, There’s also a premium membership for users known as Appsumo plus pricing $99. Which give more value to it’s plus members such as,

  • Free access to Sendfox, Kinsumo Pro, Email Badge, Shorty SMS and SleekBio until you are a plus member.
  • 10% extra discount to all deals
  • Extended deals for members only
  • Joining to private community

While Dealify and Pitchground also offer a premium membership called Dealify+ for $99 and PG VIP for $119 but they doesn’t offer such values like Appsumo plus.

Based on these, I can say and recommend Appsumo is better in every term compared to other lifetime deal platforms.

Now lets move to the detailed comparison.

AppSumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify: Platform Overview

Appsumo Review – What it is?

AppSumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify: Platform Overview

Appsumo is a popular online saas marketplace that offers discounted lifetime deals on various digital products and services such as software product, tools, courses, and ebooks.

Founder & Story Behind

It was Founded in 2010 by Noah Kagan with a mission to help entrepreneurs, digital marketing agencies, blog owners, freelancer and content creators to grow their businesses by providing access to affordable resources.

Till now his platform has become a go-to platform for many individuals and businesses looking to save upto 98% money on essential business & productivity tools and lifetime software deals to increase their productivity.

User interface

App sumo has neat and clean ui highly focused on better user experience. Every deal page contain all information related to the offered tool.

Here’s the – Most Popular 30+ Best Appsumo Lifetime Deals with Upto 98% OFF

What is Pitchground?

AppSumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify: Platform Overview

Pitchground is also a lifetime deals platform that offers software deals and discounts to marketers, entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. The platform partners with top saas companies to offer exclusive deals on various products ranging from marketing tools to project management software.

Founder & Story Behind

Founded in 2018 by Udit Goenka is CEO and Owner of Little Saas Inc. And along with, Pitchground is part of Little Saas inc.

Before Little Saas (pitchground), it’s already built some successful ventures.

User interface

Pitchground offer its all deals on homepage but there is no clear category navigations. Here’s how it’s ui look like.

What is Dealify?

AppSumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify: Platform Overview

Just like Appsumo or Pitchground, Dealify is a platform that offers exclusive discounts and LTD deals on various software tools and services for startups, entrepreneurs, growth hackers and small businesses. It provides access to a wide range of discounted products in categories such as marketing, productivity, CRM, Automation, design, development, e-commerce, SEO and more.

Founder & Story Behind

Dealify was founded in 2018 by Tom Van Den Heuvel with vision to boost sales for Software/Saas Founders as well help businesses to grow using those softwares.

User interface

Dealify user interface is really good, you can find popular online tools on homepage and easily navigate tools through category. Plus their also a chrome extension to for new deals alerts.

Appsumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify: Features and Benefits

Appsumo Features & Benefits

  • Deals comes with mostly 90% to 99% huge discounts
  • Update & bring latest deals regularly
  • Offer Courses, Best WordPress plugins lifetime deal, Saas Softwares, Templates & Creative Resources
  • No questions asked, 60 Days Return & Money Back Guarantee
  • Excellent 24×7 customer support
  • Appsumo plus Premium Membership with lots of value
  • Free Tools access for Appsumo plus members
  • Time to time Exclusive sales
  • 10% off for first time buyer on any tool
  • Also offer freebies/giveaways like free courses, PDFs and free softwares every month

Pitchground Features & Benefits

  • Offer deals with discount 60%b to 95%
  • Mostly are Saas based deals
  • Founder regularly interact, showcase and share webinars for tools update
  • Good Customer support  
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Show Upcoming Deals
  • Facebook community for joining

Dealify Features & Benefits

  • Deals comes with 80% to 90% discounts
  • Mostly are software or Saas deals
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • Chrome extension for new deals alerts on Dealify & App sumo
  • Offer extra discount coupon codes time to time
  • Show real time user reviews for tools from G2, Capterra, and Trust Pilot.

Winner: Appsumo is clear winner as it offer better feature and benefits

Appsumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify: Return & Money Back Refund Policy

Appsumo – 60 Days Money Back Policy

App sumo offer transparent and easy refund for every lifetime deal with 60 days money back guarantee. And best thing, no questions will be asked.

AppSumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify comparison

You can literally test the product for your business for 2 months and if didn’t liked just return it even on 59th day and instantly your 100% money will be refunded.

That’s why appsumo is most trusted lifetime deals marketplace for users.

What is Process for Return/Refund in Appsumo?

Buyers can initiate refund process starlight from their appsumo account, just head over to ‘Products section‘ then click on that product’s action. There you can see refund option.

Dealify – 30 Days Money Back Policy

Although dealify 30 days money back refund shows on every page. But buyers need to email to dealify team to ask the full refund and it takes 1-3 days to get back reply.

So it’s not that much transparent.

Pitchground – 60 Days Money Back Policy

Like appsumo, Pitchground also offer 60 days money back guarantee without asking any questions and instantly issue refund even on 59th days.

So in terms of return and refund policy pitchground is also very trusted.

Winner: Appsumo & Pitchground

Dealify vs Appsumo vs Pitchground: Pricing & Plans

Appsumo Pricing

Appsumo has free plan and premium membership – appsumo plus.

Free plan lets you scroll all the available great deals and buy with no extra cost.

Where Appsumo plus member cost $99/year, it’s like a subscription but full of valued items,

Dealify vs Appsumo vs Pitchground: Pricing & Plans
  • Free access to Sendfox, Kinsumo Pro, Email Badge, Shorty SMS and SleekBio until you are a plus member.
  • 10% extra discount to all variety of deals
  • Exclusive & Extended hours deal for members only
  • Joining to private community

Pitchground Pricing

Pitchground also offer free as well as paid membership plan called PG VIP.

Free Plan – You can scroll and buy any tool without extra cost.

Pg VIP Membership – Need to pay $119/year for extra 10% discount to all deals. That’s all!

Dealify vs Appsumo vs Pitchground: Pricing & Plans

Dealify Pricing

Like Appsumo and Pitchground, Dealify also has free and paid membership with lots of beneficial values.

Free Plan – Scroll and purchase any tools with no paying extra.

Dealify+ Membership – The price for Dealify+ is $99/year in which members get benefits such as,

Dealify vs Appsumo vs Pitchground: Pricing & Plans
  • 10% Off Every Deal, Every Day
  • Discount Automatically Applied at Cart
  • Member-Only Flash Sales
  • Free Deal ($149 Value)
  • 200+ Fill-In-The-Blank Headline Templates ($997 Value)
  • Advanced Email Marketing Class ($997 Value)
  • Fill-In-The Blank Email Campaigns (Free Offer + Welcome Series $2500 Value)
  • 60-Day Return Policy (instead of normal 30 days)

Who Wins:

Winner: Appsumo, as it give more value and tools free access with other benefits.

Dealify vs Appsumo vs Pitchgroud: Pros and Cons

Appsumo Pros & Cons


  • Upto 98% savings on exclusive lifetime deals and softwares
  • Ability to try out new products before committing to purchasing them with easy return & refund policy.
  • Comprehensive and helpful product descriptions and reviews from other users.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases made.
  • Regular updates on new products and best deals through email newsletters and social media.
  • Ability to stack deals and save even more money
  • Lets you buy softwares LTD at a fraction of the cost compared to regular pricing
  • Dedicated customer support team to assist with any issues or concerns.


  • Limited selection of products available at any given time.
  • Some products may not be suitable for all users or businesses.
  • Some deals may have restrictions or limitations on usage.
  • Availability of deals may be limited and may sell out quickly.

Pitchground Pros & Cons


  • Access to deals on various digital products, including software, apps, and services that may not be available on other platforms.
  • Option to purchase add-ons or upgrades to existing products at a discounted rate.
  • Ability to earn rewards points for purchases that can be redeemed for future deals.
  • Offers a VIP program for frequent buyers with exclusive discounts and early access to new deals.


  • Limited selection of products compared to larger platforms like App Sumo.
  • Some deals may have limitations on usage or require additional fees for full functionality.
  • Some products may not have as much user feedback or reviews compared to larger platforms.

Dealify Pros & Cons


  • Offers a wide range of deals for startups and small businesses, with a focus on affordable and practical solutions.
  • Regularly updates its deals and products, ensuring a fresh and diverse selection.
  • Provides a range of resources and guides to help startups and small businesses with marketing and growth strategies.
  • Offers a affiliate referral program for users to earn credits for referring others to the platform.
  • Good filter system to easyfind suitable tools
  • Show user reviews for deals from popular platforms like Capterra, G2 or Trustpilot.


  • Limited selection of products compared to larger platforms.
  • Only 30 days return period
  • Limited customer support, with only email support available.

Appsumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify: Customer Reviews and Ratings

Appsumo ratings on various platforms


pitchground vs appsumo vs dealify

More than 650+ users reviewed appsumo with combined average rating of 4.4 on trustpilot.


appsumo reviews & ratings

On producthunt platform it has whopping 5 out 0f 5 rating.

Pitchground ratings on various platforms


pitchground  reviews & ratings

From more than 450+ users, pitch ground has average 4.6 out of 5 ratings.

Dealify ratings on various platforms


dealify reviews & ratings

Dealify got average 4.5 stars rating out of 5 from 450+ users.

Conclusion: AppSumo vs Pitchground vs Dealify – Which 1 Is Best for Saas Lifetime Deals?

After comparing all these important factors, I can say AppSumo offers better features and benefits compared to Dealify or Pitchground.

In summary, AppSumo is the winner of this comparison article as it offers the most significant variety of software lifetime deals, better pricing, value to money, customer support, and more significant benefits such as AppSumo Plus Premium membership.

It also has a transparent and easy refund policy with a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions will be asked.

But there are still many deals which only exclusive available on Pitch ground and Dealify. So my suggestion is if there’s no substitute or appsumo alternatives available. You can consider purchasing them from these platforms as they also offer good value benefits and money back promise.

To stay updated with best deals, you can also check my youtube channel as I review and compare latest Saas deals regularly.

FAQ: Most Asked Questions

Are AppSumo deals worth their cost?

Yes, every LTD start with affordable pricing and comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

What is the story behind AppSumo?

Noah Kagan founded Appsumo in 2010 with a mission to help entrepreneurs, digital marketing agencies, blog owners, freelancer and content creators to grow their businesses by providing access to affordable software deals.

What are other sites like AppSumo?

Stacksocial, Dealmirror, Saas mantra, Dealfuel but appsumo is better than all.

Which is better: appsumo or pitchground?


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